Alliance / Corporation Seeking Members

Small group, working on our wallets, learning new things sometimes failing at them spectacularly! 2008 core group. No drama, no intentions for NS living.

No Taxes, No ■■■■■■■■. Join Comic Mischief with any questions have.

LS/WH/NS roams, Merc Contracts, POCO Cartel

PvE: Access to LS Missions, Incursions, Mining, Industry, PI

Max HS moons almost everyday to mine w/Orca boosts
LS mining moons/anoms
BPC library
95% Jita Buyback
Incursion Group

We are a combat focused group, but not afraid to dabble! We have a corporation for alts and those characters you don’t want wardecable. Doesn’t matter if you are new or old!

Strong Timezone spread, nearly always people online and OP’s for all timezones.

Multiboxers Wanted

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