Alliance looking for a new home

Newly formed alliance currently seeking space to grow and allies to help. Split between UK/US tz Looking to join a coalition to work towards common goals and enjoying the game.
This alliance is formed from corps that got tired of dealing with inactive leadership at alliance level, what we can offer, JF service and capital construction. That being said we also enjoy pvp, nothing better than building your own ships just to generate content. Have experienced FC’s who are willing to help out either with taking out fleets or providing training for new aspiring FC’s. Ideally we would like a place to drop some structures build some doctrines and work with our allies.

We are not interested in merging into someone’s alliance, to many times each of our corps have experienced inactivity. Also no NPC Null.

Sorry about the use of an alt, but till we find a home keeping corps in current system rather than sitting in high sec.


Good Luck in your Venture. If you decide you want to talk about something different find me on discord. rangerwolfy#4987

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Please contact me on discord [LORDE] Evertrader #1502. I do understand that you do not want to merge but that maybe your only option for the time being as null sec is in the middle of a war. So lets chat about some options that could work.


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Why don’t you guys go to Querious its a good place for new alliances to grow rent free, and if Querious is attacked you have the backing of Imperium fleets. I forgot who you have to contact to get in but I Know Plexed Live runs the QFC.

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Any luck?

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If you are still looking for a place for your alliance contact me in game or on Discord, Justin Starr STARR#8251


Good job! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello @Niffler,

Based on your comments, it would appear you are currently residing in NS. If you ever want a change or if things with the new alliance is not working out and your guys want a proven established entity that LOVES to provide/encourage content for everyone playing this game, come by and take a closer look at WHSOC?

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council


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