Small skirmish pvp alliance looking for options

Like the title says we are on the look out for a new home.

As an alliance we are not interested in space nor having stations. We just want to pew pew and have people to pew pew with.

We have been independent for a while and our struggle have always been numbers and be able to take on better fights.

We are pref looking for a smaller active coalition since we do like to have targets BUT if we are allowed to be deployed closer to hostile space then we will for sure consider the “bigger” nullsec coaltions.

About us as a group:
We are about 25ish unique pilots but our stats are way better than many other groups out there. We focus only on pvp and that will not change any time soon:)

Our alliance is more than 2 years old and we would like to stay as our own.

In terms of skills the mayority of us are well skilled and can fly everything that might be of interest for you and us.

We would offer a skirmish environment focussed in small and midsized pvp where your members would ofc be allowed to take part.

More info will be provide on DM either on discord or ingame.

This is a neutral toon being used for this particular case.