Alliance Tournament XVII - An Update!


(Mike Azariah) #67

/me sighs

If something is under attended you try to make it better, worthy of attendance and attention

I truly hope that you are working on such a plan because taking a year off otherwise is just the first step towards complete cancellation, isn’t it?

This feels wrong


(Micky Nox) #68

…how long @CCP_Logibro is not working?

(Lulu Lunette) #69

I don’t bother with the AT, never have. Although listening to various Eve podcasts over the years, this is when they would all shift towards the big games. I’m feeling insulted by this answer because like so many other things - the playerbase gets taken for it’s generosity. So many apps and third party software gets made because either CCP can’t be bothered or knows that someone will do it for even less than a pittance (free) You sacked the people that used to do this and have no choice. Feels bad man!

(Cassiel Seraphim) #70

What did you expect? You kept giving the tournament less and less support each year, took more and more things away from it until it was pretty much pawned off to the community completely. Your viewership and participation reacted accordingly, shocker! You could almost say it makes sense, but that doesn’t fit your narrative now does it?

I’m not surprised though, anyone who paid any attention saw this coming 1.07578002 × 10-8 Astronomical Units away.

It’s true that your reputation has meaning in EVE … CCP, you’re tanking yours spectacularly and this is just another disappointment for the community that has stood by you for a decade and a half.

(Derth) #71

Glad my extraction and unsubbing was not done in vein. Who in god’s name is running your game design / goals? Do you guys have any idea what makes EVE fun in the first place? Short sited monetary goals and years of empty promises. You guys can only keep up the charade for so long.

(Dom Arkaral) #72

And here I am, still hoping that CCP will do a good move…

I’m glad I stepped back in august (the week before CCP announced it was now PA’s), all that saved money went to places that I know won’t dissapoint…

(Planet 6) #73


(Devlin Shardo) #74

Woow eve is now Dead.
Single worst mistake Ever!!!

Removing the one reason to keep playing and the one thing that makes Eve truly interesting…

(Stalence) #75

A sad day for EVE Online. And the final reason I needed to win the game. It was a good run.

(bardghost Isu) #76

Well goodbye eve, I will let my sub lapse to alpha, Extract my main and just keep him in my corp so I can stay in contact with the friends I play for…

(Jaso Vokan) #77

put betting back in on the alliance tourney even if CCP controlled, game is going downhill lately, feels like CCP is less and less connected to the customers.

Injectors were the start of this and now 2-3 years later we have rubbish events, supers everywhere smallgang/solo is basically dead everything focused towards the big fights which suck when you actually take part Citadels ruined content in the game due to crappy mechanics.

The Csm is a joke its the same people every year

(Turlough Dominian) #78

I nvr took part in AT or plan to, but i do enjoy watching it well done ccp :sob:

(Jack Carrigan) #79

I have had nothing but good things to say about EVE for over a decade, as that is how long I have found this game enjoyable. I definitely have made friends in this game, and they definitely help keep me interested.

Sacking the Community Team was the first blow to the community-at-large, as it was nice to actually have people who you knew that genuinely gave a flying rat’s ass about the player to interact with. So far over the past two years, I have seen nothing but discontent among the masses, as CCP as a company which allegedly cares about their players has broken many promises to the playerbase:

  • WiS - Released as a halfass abortion of a product, which was pulled and then abandoned in its entirety, despite having the potential to increase immersive gameplay, and be a haven for the roleplaying community.
  • DUST514 - Being exclusively released on a console which was already in the end of its life cycle despite much protest over this (due to the forward-thinking nature of people) when you could have released an interconnected product that had massive potential.
  • Microtransactions - Obvious cash grab as the subscriptions started to nosedive due to the fact that the CSM (with few exceptions) is consistently populated by players from blocs who only seek to improve their own situation while making everyone else’s suck ass.
  • Community - The firing of the Community Team, who clearly gave a ■■■■ about the people who play this game, and actually were known for helping apply ideas that players had to improve the situation in the game.

And now this dumpster fire caused by years of neglecting the people who pay your bills and keep food on your tables, only to sell out to a company who is there for microtransactions by EXPLOITING their customers.

I for one am ashamed of the direction things are going.

(neil swats) #80

CCP, this is massively disappointing.
The AT is something I have trained my main account for its entire lifetime. It’s something I have massively enjoyed with the teamwork and training bringing together players young and old.
So first the betting side of AT was pulled which was disappointing and took some of the fun out of it. Then the massive change of rules, which turned out to be really fun and challenged the theory crafting,
EVE is something I am enjoying less and less with lag fest capital fights and ■■■■■■■■ mechanics.
You had a good run until you sold out last year.
R.I.P. EVE 2019

(Circumstantial Evidence) #81

Dust514 was unfortunately Sony exclusive, because CCP got some money and support from Sony to make it happen. The next game, if it makes it out the door, won’t have that “problem.” (And we should be happy, I think, that Dust happened at all, and give some thanks for Sony’s support.)

Project Nova went back into the oven for some more work, showing they are trying to address feedback & learn from mistakes. I like that the Nova team is trying to make a good FPS first, and not overpromising its potential, like CCP did with Dust.

(Makshima Shogo) #82

I do miss when eve was about skill :confused: good time’s, but capitals and RLML killed that.

(Halleflux Equeron) #83

I’d care less about this if I actually thought we’d get anything in return for the AT.

Actual balance passes on caps? Sure.

Iteration on ECM mechanics (let fighters be oldstyle jammed, so blops groups can drop carriers easily again)? Sign me up!

But that’s not what’s going to happen. The devs who do balance aren’t the ones who did the AT anyway. And CCP’s track record on balance is shockingly abysmal, often taking 2+ years to make adjustments that a normal company would have made in a week.

So we get no AT, and nothing in return - less content, less PvP, one less community event. The AT brought people together, inspired rivalries, and passed out prize ships that gave us great killmails every couple months.

It’s worth noting that nobody is against the AT - there’s no constituency for not having one. This thing had 100% approval and a pretty high viewership. I really don’t see a good reason for not dedicating time to run the event each year, and I despair for the future of CCP if they can’t also see this.

(Makshima Shogo) #84

I’m not surprised at how long the balancing take’s its a massive part of the game and what keeps people playing but they only have 1 dev doing all the balancing xD

so yea… think it took what 2 months just for AF’s then another month and a half for heavy assault’s nvm half arse balancing combat ceptor’s only to leave them in a useless state T_T, if they balanced things often then at least that would hold people’s interest but I don’t ever see them having enough staff for that.

(Halleflux Equeron) #85

2 months for AFs is fine, a month for HACs is fine, that’s all good

My problem is when it takes then 2 years to realize svipuls need work

or 2 years to realize trollceptors are bad for fozziesov

or that low-power citadels should have less EHP to reduce grind cancer


(Luke Icecon) #86

The way you fix viewership is how pro sports have done it.

What we need is Fantasy AT :D.