Alliance Tournament XVII

You aren’t in an alliance though. Better join one.

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I can already tell you if that communication piece is anything other than announcing the end of scarcity you will be disappointed with the players response.

Ignoring the steaming mass of turd all over the game for a moment i do appreciate the ATs return.
Excited to see the new Mordus themed AT ship and i think it’s good that we’ll see some of the other hulls become available agian in the future.

I hope this is a sign that CCP is able to walk back on other poor decissions as well.


NO thank you. I have better things to do with my VERY EXPENSIVE ships.


Hold the line CCP:
The Creutzfeldt-Jakob deterioration is only going to get worse.

AT17 for Proving the love!


I’m looking forward to the AT being back. This was a fun thing for the community and it was a shame when it went on hiatus. I recall many people saying that the AT was never coming back and I am happy they were wrong.

I doubt I will be able to participate, but maybe I will be able to commentate. Thanks to CCP Aurora and the rest of the team for all their hard work to make this happen


The tournament format may be similar to previous years, however we feel like the updated point system and the exact rules (to be posted on Monday the 19th) will inspire teams to create fresh setups and broaden the potential Tournament archetypes.


So how you going to stop the cheating and colluding this time CCP? @CCP_Swift which I’m sure your time in PL will remember that well



Happy new fiscal year, fellow gamers!

Is anyone as excited as I am to see CCP leverage their synergies in the e-sports sector? As a member of the coveted 18-36 year old demographic, I can tell you that I’m absolutely stoked to see EVE emerge as a power-player in the professional gaming industry. I also can’t wait to see what kinds of cross-promotions this initiative will lead to. Gamer gear and snacks endorsed by the top competitors in the alliance tournament scene would be a surefire hit with the market segment comprised of first-world, middle-class consumers with disposable income, of which I am a member.

And who knows, maybe I’ll even take part in the tournament myself! It would definitely allow me to earn my chops as a competitive gamer, perhaps even enabling me to launch my very own streaming channel! And best of all is how easy it is to take part. All I have to do is purchase a few PLEX and/or skill point packages that are conveniently offered by CCP in the EVE Online Store, and in no time at all I can have my very own tournament-ready player character and enough ships and equipment to get me through a whole season! Skipping the grind and getting straight to the action…now that is taking gaming to the next level!

It looks like there are exciting times ahead for the EVE Online franchise that we all enjoy. Pushing the envelope with a paradigm shift toward the games-as-a-service model will definitely appeal to experience-driven consumers like us. Are you excited too? Make sure to share this great news with your friends and family on social media (and don’t forget to have cookies turned on in your browser)! Fly safe!


Looks like joining or creating an alliance won’t be necessary for the new AT.

So are we going to get any offers in eve store for the AT participants ? You know something with a catchy description like everything else you are announcing.

We are so so hyped for this. When the AT stopped everyone freaked out. Now, there is widespread happiness.

Stay Frosty Intel leak!! All strategies will be WINMATAR. Hurricane is the best ship in the game.

Also, @CCP_Swift, you guys should try to get that guy Elise Randolph to do commentary again! :wink:

Also also, very happy to see the Slasher wreaking havoc in the last two announcement videos!


Where did you see that?

They reference a “mercenary rule”

When was the last AT?
Oh right, WhoTF cares.

CCP brains trust - Lets bring back AT, at a time we’re losing player confidence faster than you can flush away last nights curry


Dear CCP,

You did something that appeals to players that aren’t me. And that’s a problem because what my friends and I want is obviously representative of what the player base as a whole wants. The key to saving Eve is simple -make sure that all development effort is designed to appeal to me personally.

Also, I realize that various devs have put in an extraordinary amount of UNPAID work into running AT’s in years past, and I really don’t how much effort some of you guys put into it this year (or how game development works for that matter), but I’m bitter and looking for reasons to be angry. So, I’m just going to assume that you brought the AT back because it was the laziest idea that you could come up with.

Please Get Fuck3d
Shipwreck Jones

P.S. I know people used to complain about the dev effort that went into designing AT ships that only tiny fraction of players would ever get to fly, but I invested in AT ships. So I’m pissed that my investment might lose value now that you guys will start recycling AT ships. I don’t care if this is the best decision for the game as a whole, because it doesn’t benefit me personally.


I love you.


Right?! I couldn’t be happier! This is gonna be killer.


Lies!!! Lowsec is still kicking!!

Scarcity! Except Alliance Tournament ships. At a time when CCP is punishing the average player with “scarcity”, they need to dumb it down for the so called “elite” because alliance tournament ships are entirely way too difficult for them to obtain.

is the current eve generation so soft?