Alliance Tournament

When will we see new dynamics added to the Alliance Tournament? New dynamics would involve random warp-in’s of Tier based NPC’s such as Trigs, Sleepers or Drifters. Each place a team takes increases the chance of a high level NPC warping into the combat zone. The NPC would target either side.

Then there is the space environment of random weather that would effect up-to five attributes of each ship. The level of random weather increases at the 50/50 line and peaks at the last battle between the top 2 flagrants or those who rant on about their flagships.

never, hopefully, it’s a test of skill rather than luck


Totally cool idea. How about random Titans that doomsday a ship every so often? Or invisible stacked smartbombs that just go boom and one side loses everything smaller than a plated battleship? Or jammer batteries that just randomly jam someone every few seconds! Wow, we need much more of these ideas! So much fun!

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One year at fanfest, they had a mining tournament. The whole arena with multiple pois were spread out so you’d have to warp around.

Teams would come out of opposite stations, and could either mine the material themselves, or kill and steal the opponents material. The team with the most mined and back in their station at the end of match wins.

It was a really fun format.


The Amarr Empire Succession Trials championships was the far better tournament setup than any alliance tournament will ever be. It had variability by randomly selected restrictions just ahead of the matches. It required adaptability by forcing participants to come up with solutions to the unforeseeable ship restrictions. It prevented the One-Wins-All setups that make the AT so boring.

Boring is not the word I would have used watching many of this years matches… day 2 and 3, missed day 1.

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