Allow default skins

There should be an option to set a default skin, having to change it every 15 minutes is annoying.

Also, it would be cool if Killmails showed the skin.


@Archer_en_Tilavine As in default per ship. Currently its saved per ship, so if your catalyst blows up you have to reset it next ship.

I suspect this is mostly a technical issue where it is saved as a ship attribute and a default would need saving as a player attribute under dogma instead.

I am aware it is saved on a per ship basis - however, I believe the feature being proposed is for the default itself to be changed for when ships of a specific type (eg. Catalysts :wink: ) are assembled to use specified skin as opposed to no SKIN. For users who for some reason or other find themselves assembling and using such ships en masse (:boom:) - but still feel a strong desire to travel in style (:high_heel::lipstick::purse:) - there is an accrued time savings and convenience from not having to repeatedly specify SKIN over and over again.

Right click > set default. Right click > unset default (ie. reverts to “skinless”). It’s simple enough. It’s not so important as to necessarily warrant CCP’s time, but the nature of the change is so simple it could not possibly be too difficult to jury rig it into even the most rotten of code bases. I personally don’t care too much for vanity, but I know other EVE players want CCP to spend more time on the aesthetics of EVE - from that perspective, this would be considered a QoL feature, and I’m documenting the idea as such.

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Ships are stored as objects in the database. Easy to have a skin attribute.
Characters are stored in dogma I think it is. It’s a very complex beast. Just rigging something into the character storage area? recipe for disaster.

The problem with tying parts of a fit (i.e. skins) to the character rather than the ship is that some characters have a lot of ships and change them frequently. Some characters have more than 1 fit for a given hull and may want a different skin depending on the current role.

Not suggesting it can’t be done but suspect it would be a lot of work for little reward - you may actually end up angering more people than you please!

This is very interesting, with some animation it could encourage sales significantly and help spice up the game. As long as they optimized.

If they are running on potato mode, it should ignore this though and should only be a thing in smaller groups (for technical reasons)

What other ideas do you have for CSM to look at?

I think the saved fittings need some work - in addition to having a skin applied as part of the fit, you should be able to have ammo loaded. It would be nice to also group weapons.

He wants dolphin skins too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another priority of my CSM is the introduction of a fun minigame for miners. They will complain about this, but we know what is best for them. Explorer bots already enjoy an exciting game of MINESWEEPER, in which one wrong click can cause a bomb to explode (destroying their ship). This is great content, and exactly what PvE players need. We must introduce a similar minigame for miners. They will learn to enjoy playing TETRIS, and the ore will enter their cargohold faster and faster. If they want to be efficient, they must quickly move the rocks around in order to make room. Be careful! If you place Fiery Kernite next to Rich Plagioclase, your mining ship will explode!

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There is no way that highsec miners could handle Tetris. Tetris is too high-stress. Miners just want to chill and relax. Spider solitaire might be something they could do.

I don’t see the problem here?

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