Tying SKINing more to game in a common sense way

At the moment the skinning aspect feels like something that was hastily slapped on top of the game. I think it can be done better. So heres my suggestion for how to do it, because it might make more players interested in skinning.

  1. Strip all new ships from skins/paint -make them look like unpainted rockets or cars but not ugly
  2. Give all players the current base skins for free that can be used if they want.
  3. Applying a skin costs ISK, bigger ships costs more, and has to be docked. Maybe the ship will become unavailable for some time while the paint is drying and so on. Depends how far you want to take it :smiling_imp:
  4. Skin will follow the ship if it changes owner
  5. Custom skins and the tools for players to make their own skins.
  6. Last but not least dont refer to it as skins and personalization. Those terms belong in less mature games like Fortnight, even if in the end its the same thing :slight_smile:

I know that these things are easier said than done. But in the end they can make the game more appealing imo. Lets discuss.

I propose to name them Coats instead of SKINS, inspired by the manufacturing industry which typically refer to a layer of paint as a coating


I like the current system better than this. I dont mind the idea of having several free base skins I guess, not like there aren’t dirt cheap skins, free skins and event skins that kind of fill the same role.

The big objection I have is that it will remove my ability to sit there playing fashionista going “Im a cop! I’m a fed! I’m batman! Now its got a big spooky skull! I’m a cop again!” in between deadspace pockets.

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This is sheer redundancy, though. Just leave it the way it is instead of wasting months of the art department’s time making assets with the straight up intention that nobody will use them.

Never, ever, ever add a stupid barrier to people getting their ships undocked.

Great way to ensure nobody ever bothers.

Legal minefield. This is the reason CCP edit all alliance logos before using them in the game.

Super-Kerr Induced Nanocoating. SKIN. It’s got a lore justification. Why would they change that now?


Skins, coats, paints, decorations. Call it all you want It’s all cosmetic in the end lol.

And these days the faction/pirate ships being added are just reskins of the same ship hull so there you go. :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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The last set of faction ships added were not just reskins, they had unique models, too.
However the T2 versions that followed shortly after were just reskins…

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Boy, that’s what everyone wants. More reasons not to undock…

And create a whole new racket of income (not to mention scams?)

Love it!

“This ship I’m selling had 15 skins. 15,000,000,000 isk…”

Sells it to some sucker, it has 0 skins.

Yes! We need more phallic icons, naked ladies and other inappropriate symbolism in this game!

He thinks EvE is mature!

You’re so cute. You’ll quickly see how mature EvE really is if people are allowed to come up with their own ship coat customization!

No, your opinion is wrong. It would make the game worse.

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You are clearly responding in bad faith, shame on you

Can you prove it?

You just don’t like my counter response, which points out the issues with your terrible idea by pointing out the unintended consequences and instead of rebutting with something logical, you go straight to ad hominem.

Now who’s responding in bad faith?

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You are

Sorry op, but the idea is bad. There’s nothing wrong with the current skin system, and what you propose would only create issues (as was already pointed out by others in this thread.)




Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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Good answer my man. Good answer!

Its okay to have bad ideas, OP. You dont need to get this defensive

I would say, that it’s okay to hold ideas tentatively, and recognize that they don’t actually define you as a person. So if you happen to have a blind spot, suggest an idea, it isn’t good and receives negative feedback, it isn’t taken as a personal attack.

It’s important to learn and grow from it.

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