Allow "Eject all items into space" In hi-sec


I came across an interesting situation today. A formerly public Upwell structure went private. I had a single ship inside that’s fitted and ready to pilot.

If this were Poch or WH space, I could simply right click the Upwell and click “Eject all items into space”, and my ship (along with a few other items) would be ejected, ready for me to board.

However, this option was not available to me. The only things I could do is utilize Asset Safety, OR negotiate with the owners of the structure.

It seems funny to me that I could get my ship immediately if it were WH or Poch, but not in high-sec.

As such, I am suggesting that we make the “Eject all items into space” function available everywhere, not just in locations where asset safety is non existent.

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That’s not a thing in null, but seems like a fine idea to me.

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You are correct. I have updated my post.

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