Circumventing the release of assets from destroyed citadels in WH space


Apparently this has been the go-to tactic for high class space, but it feels incredibly scummy and imho should be considered an exploit.

What it is: A corp whose structure is reinforced in a wormhole can send all of their assets to a throw-away corp, then have that corp unrent an office at the citadel, ejecting the belongings of that corp in a hangar container.
This is summarized from the upwell structures quick facts-


Corporation office slots available for rent at Upwell structures are unlimited.
**If a corporation unrents an office in an Upwell structure, then all remaining assets in the corporate hangars will be put into Asset Safety.**
Corporations with active Upwell Structures in space can not disband. In order to disband, the structures need to be unanchored or transferred to another corporation first.

Asset Safety

In Wormhole space:

*** If the structure is located in wormhole space all items that would be subject to Asset Safety will instead be ejected into Asset Safety Containers around the position of the structure.**

This can be done at off hours, or while the structure is on a 2nd/3rd timer and being sieged. The structure can then lock the container and destroy it, denying the attackers of the contents (they will have maybe 20-30 seconds before it is destroyed).

This effectively circumvents the attacking group from getting any of the assets that would have been lost to them.

My recommended fix would be that if a corp tries to unrent at a citadel that is reinforced, the assets are held in limbo until immediately after the fortizar is either destroyed or successfully defended and is no longer reinforced before being ejected.

Please note that manually destroying items and corp assets while a citadel is reinforced was removed for this exact reason, and this circumvention of that should be officially deemed an exploit.


Given the current big war in highclass WH space, they should really look into this quickly. C5/C6 Fortizars are burning and razed in numbers currently. I haven’t tested it, but if it works it is imho clearly a circumvention of the intended ruleset.

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If you haven’t did so yet report it in a support ticket.