Allow for scheduled destruction or repackaging of empty audit log secure containers

Currently, you are unable to trash or repackage a secure audit log container unless it has no log entries less than 3 weeks old. Ironically, the simple action of attempting to trash or repackaging it creates a log entry and resets the 3 weeks counter.

There should be an option, much like for character deletion, that locks the container (preventing anything from being added to it, or from it being renamed) for 3 weeks, and then automatically trash or repackage it after that period of time has elapsed (depending on the option you picked).

The only condition to be met is that the container is empty before you do it.

The menu options could be as follow:

  • Schedule for repackaging
  • Schedule for destruction

Both options would show a confirmation prompt that would display the exact date/time at which the container would be either repackaged or trashed, and an OK, Cancel button.

Once the command has been issued, the context menu option would change to something along those lines:

  • Abort scheduled repackaging
  • Abort scheduled destruction

When hovering the mouse on the container in question, a tooltip would display its scheduled repackaging or destruction date.

I believe this is something rather simple to implement and would be greatly useful and much more user friendly than the way it is now.

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