Do containers have a log?

I’m wondering if corp containers have a log that says who took and put stuff?

Not really.

Audit log containers do have a log, but they do not exactly do what you want.

What these logs will show is who locked or unlocked items in them. If someone unlocks an item but does not take it, the audit log will still show they unlocked it. If someone else takes it, there would be no record linking the theft to them. I have several of these containers that I use for various programs. On some of them I set an administrative password and configure it to auto-lock any items put inside. I leave the regular password blank. This way, everyone has the ability to lock or unlock items and if someone decides to rob me blind the container will remain with a log of who that someone was.

The logs are cumbersome, so I would not want to use them for any administrative task, such as keeping track of any sort of buyback program or the like. I use them to distribute items I make available for free. I also leave the logs viewable to anyone so that anyone can audit it if they so choose. Security through transparency one might call it.

The containers with this feature are the ‘audit log’ containers, obviously, but the ‘station’ containers also have this feature.

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Thanks, this helped a lot!

You are welcome. Just make sure nobody can take the container itself, or else they get everything and can request any passwords they need to obtain loot from or configure the container.

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