Allow neutral logi to participate in duels and wars

Currently, if a neutral logi ships offers assistance to a third party, they are immediately CONCORDed. This seems a bit absurd, why should CONCORD care if you offer assistance to keep another ship alive?

I propose that these third party good samaritans should merely go suspect, allowing duels and wars to involve a broader spectrum of the community, and generating more interesting content for everyone. If other players want to intervene and shoot the logi, that should be their right of course, but it seems pointless to simply disallow it with CONCORD.


This is low effort bait, even from you, Aiko. You can do better.


Bait? What are you talking about? The game would be vastly improved if neutral logi had a role in high sec, acting as good samaritans who are permitted to help those in need of assistance. I want this game to be more fun and interesting for everyone who plays, and a lot of neutral logi players lately have been complaining that they are unable to render assistance when someone is in need of help.

If they need logi, they deserve to die.

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FFS, they just changed that a few days ago… or was it years?? IDK time flys when you read ridiculous BS on the forums.

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Then they should join a corp and get involved in a War.

This idea would just encourage war deckers to keep loads of neutral alts around in total safety, ready to jump in and assist if required.

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Not just wardeccers. This is the way the game was for 15 years and the logi went suspect when it got involved in someone else’s limited engagement (since the crimewatch changes in 2012).

Station duelers, wardeccers, anti-gankers (lol on that effort), etc., there were different people/groups that used neutral logi, and those without it, or not prepared to take it on, cried.

CCP listened to the whiners and it was removed in the last year or so.

But it’s a pretty low effort bait thread and is never coming back.

TBH, with all the claims by Aiko that things will be done, I don’t know why the thread is even needed. Surely he can just have the change implemented.

No we already had this and it sucked hard.


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This made the l33t jita undockers untouchable because each had 3-4 neutral logo, so take this stupid idea and shove it.

I’m thinking about the newbros. Young logi alts, fresh out of the new player tutorial, and eager to make a difference in EVE. They want to help, let’s give them a chance.

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I’m curious, but why didn’t you bring your own logi?


They nerfed the ■■■■ out of the game for newbros and the fing quit anyway.


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So bring 5-10 dps ships and touch them harder than the remote reps can fix. “Untouchable” and “I have to put effort into beating a coordinated group of players” are not the same thing.

Apparently you have not fought with or against groups like p I r a t, pre-nerf. Lol come back when you have years under you.

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Why would I fight against my friends?


So we are in agreement. We will bring back neutral logi alts, and you will stop crying about it and instead you will need to find your own friends.

You do this often I see, just spewing out random ideas that will benefit you and just declaring that it will be implemented.
Sure, why dont you just rename the game as code online or something if you have so much power?

Go back to Tweeeter Donald.

Code members pretty sure sounds like alt right degenerates for their upholding of mfht makes right, calling people snowflakes and all…