Neutral Repping alts in war

Make any character assisting war targets free-to-kill. Silly mechanics = neutral repping alts making people unkillable in war.

They go suspect and get a weapons timer so they can’t dock. Free to kill and pod!

Edit- my suggestion, get some friends to watch for logi when you take a fight. They’ll be pretty defenceless.

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It already is like that?

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The silly mechanic is war allies going suspect etc. Not the neutrals.

How do you explain all the neutral alt killmails then? :thinking:

You don’t because they’re worthless units made to be disposable healing robots standing by just in case your opponent is either dumb enough to aoe or you start to lose. They don’t get war flagged which would be a necessary change for penalty/benefit effects.

They get a suspect flag if they rep someone that has agressed some other person

Also known as the you can freely burn them down mode

And then 15 minutes later they’re free scouts and bumpers again.

War flagging would keep them flagged for as long as the war exists. They don’t have aggression ability but you would retain it thru the entire war.

If they become viable targets for the rest of the war they should also be able to attack those who can attack them. Or make it a killright thing.

Problem with this though is free wardecs for anyone who uses assist mods on wartargets.

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Which they already have with their logistic alt force doing their work without getting officially part of the war.

That’s both a good and bad thing. At least you know they won’t be bringing an extra prot or vindi.

Logi is not so difficult to deal with. You can 3rd party the 3rd parties quite effectively and safely.

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More third party third parting results in a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Eventually either you are in a war or you’re supporting a war due to the chain.

We don’t have war. We have fluffy bunny poops where help is not only temporary but protected from retaliation forever.

It is also the only way for the attacker to have allies which should probably change.

If a defender opens the war to allies and gets some assistance, the aggressors should then also get the option to open for allies.

That’s why I keep saying alliances should be required.

For wardecs?

Of course. There should be a reason why you are an “alliance” or there is no point in EVER making alliances when you get free support forever as a defender or aggressor.

You want to support? Better be allied. Not allied? Better join the alliance. Defender calls for allies and gets them? So should the attackers. Would you disagree and claim that alliances shouldn’t be considered at all?

Seems messy. Lots of joining and quitting alliances in order to give support. Not being able to fly under your own flag. Alliance wide mails would be a mess. And then of course only being allowed in one alliance at a time.

I don’t think it’s the correct tool.

Already happens.

Not only already happens but some players fly under no flag intentionally to remain able to join any fight they feel like their support would make a win.

If you’re using alliance mail you’re doing it wrong right now. This isn’t new tactics either but has been in effect since ages ago.

That’s the cost of choosing an alliance. Either you can get support from the alliance or don’t.

To put my 2 cents worth in as somebody who doesn’t use neutrals. THEY ARE WORSE THAN INCORP LOGI. Seriously I bring 2 neutrals with me quite often to counter neutral logi. My 2 neutral characters are able to deal with up to 5 neutral logi. I’ll take that trade anyday compared to incorp logi lol