Allow setting audio left-right balance

I often run 2 simultaneous eve accounts. I have 2 monitors so I run each account on its own screen.
It would be very nice if I could configure the audio left/right balance in the client so that the character on left screen could have audio set to e.g. 100% on my left speaker, and 50% on my right speaker.
The character on my right screen would then have 50% on my left speaker and 100% on my right.
That would imply that if there are explosions, decloak sound etc. near the character to the right, I’d be able to actually hear which character the audio is for.

It could be solved by adding a normal “balance” slider in the audio settings of the client, just like the stereos used to have in the 80’s …


I like the idea.

While simply looking at both your screens should also be able to let you figure out which of your characters is under attack, it could be nice to also be able to hear it.

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