Directional audio settings for easier client identification


it would be handy to have an additional slider (+ a checkbox to disable) in the settings to shift the ‘origin’ of the sound left and right.

Right now it is not possible to determine which wormhole got activated when you have multiple clients running at the same volume levels. Even at different levels it can be hard to identify the client that is causing the (activation) sound. This also applies to any other form of audio warnings like the low capacitor, shield and armor notifications.

Fly safe o/

-8000 for any idea making multiboxing easier.

If you don’t want the confusion, run a single client.

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Except what he’s asking for is a balance mixer. There’s software and hardware that can do this already. Yeah, not a dev priority.

Multiboxing is permitted. Permitted does not mean intended, and if it is not intended, why would they make it easier for you to maintain cloaky eyes on everything?

@Pleasure_Hub_Node-514’s suggestion for an out-of-band option is far more in-line with what the OP wants anyways.

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