Alpha account access to skills, ships and equipment

(Foggy Bernstein) #41

What’s weird is you had that soothing song bookmarked where as I had no idea it existed.

I sense you’ll be listening to it a lot after after nearly tripping and hurting your delicate sensitivities from running from this thread with your tail between your legs.

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Posting with my main since 2011.

(Sol epoch) #43

Really! bookmarked lol, No I looked it up specially for you!

As to running why would I do that I don’t need to run or hide unlike you!

Man up post on your main! If you have one! I suspect you will continue being a sheep in your secretive corp!

(Foggy Bernstein) #44

Especially for me? Did you have to go back in time to do that?

Because you sure as heck posted it in C&P before you posted in response to my post.

Anything else you’d like to lie about?

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You fell into the same catagory as the other snowflakes so it was you that gave me the idea!

Grasp at some other straw snowflake!

Still hiding on an alt as well!

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Still lying and now backpedaling.


(Sol epoch) #47

You missed the grasping at straws part and Alt! lol

Why I am answering you as you are irrelevant in game as here is the mystery!

(Foggy Bernstein) #48

Because you like pain, I guess.

(Sol epoch) #49

Something you hide from!
You are as painfull as a snowflake!
Don’t reply you have embarresed yourself enough!

(Foggy Bernstein) #50

All you sols have no self awareness whatsoever.

You brothers? Sisters? Dad and daughter?

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More assumptions with no basis in fact!
Told you not to reply but still you keep digging that hole!

(March rabbit) #52

Was it right next to “don’t undock with active wardec”?

(Foggy Bernstein) #53

Wardec? That’s some sort of high sec thing, right?

Has no impact on me one way or the other.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #54

No, go away.

(Aves Asio) #55

It used to be different back when ccp was selling an experience, now they are just selling advantages.

(elitatwo) #56

“Sikrit” goon detected!

(Mithros) #57

I said that the balance was good, but I am just talking in generalities, not specifics.

I see people here saying “don’t let alphas have this but maybe give them that or the other instead”, and I wouldn’t complain about that, either.

  1. Money comes and goes for some people. A sub isn’t expensive, but it’s not exactly a necessity and that makes it something that some people would let go.

Letting people remain in the game, playing while not subbed, I think makes them more likely to stick around and sub again later.

  1. It certainly attracts more people who, even if they never sub, serve to support the players that do by their mining or whatever, even if they just fly around and serve as target practice from time to time.

  2. Finally, it can help a family or friends play together.

Mom and Dad have subs, but little Steve and Stephanie want to play, too. Alpha accounts let them share the fun without taxing the budget.
Mom and Dad keep their hobby rather than dropping it to find something that the kids can do with them, and the kids become potential future subscribers.

Tom subscribes and wants to get his friend Tina to play, too. An alpha account lets her into the game, and even if she never subs, as long as she remains playing then Tom gets to play with his friend and that improves his enjoyment of the game and he may remain a subscriber for even longer as a result.

(Lexie Huren) #58

I like your optimism. And I generally agree with the potential benefits of Alpha accounts that you’ve mentioned. I think that some of the arguing takes place over specifics of balance, rather than this sort of big picture forward thinking. But like you said - generalities. It’s good to keep sight of these things while debating the little details of it all.

(Demenis) #59

Yay more restrictions to Alpha means more people leaving the game. From this poll i see this is exactly what you want. You dont want to see more and more new people playing, instead you want more and mroe restriction which means way less players. You have to think about it, even think twice. You want EVE to be still great game with lots of new players coming in and playing? Or you want to restrict all stuff for Alpha and make people leave? I think its a lot better to keep new players, doing great first impression.
Go restrict more, fail advertise F2P and in few years your gonna end up with empty game, with only long time players who loves to pew pew starting players. You gonna end up in buble which gonna pop up. You wanna save this title? Make decision, make it back sub only or make it totally free. And you dont have much time left since when Star Citizen gonna be released and gonna eat EVE on breakfast. It’s not my task to keep this game alive, its dev problem. But from what i see this days more people leaving instead of joining so yeah calculations are right. You wanna see big boom in game with new players? Make it totally free not unlimited free trial, dont make this game second job, let people enjoy game and not having to work hard for isk to pay for omega. Then you gonna see what new wave of new players is. People dont like lies, if they see “free to play” they log in and see: “you cannot do that!, you cannot do this!” half of them will leave immediately. Sorry for my language its not my native :slight_smile:

(Nicolai Serkanner) #60

■■■■■■■ hell, it isn’t snakes and ladders we’re playing!