Alpha and Omega should have their names swapped around

The naming convention between Alpha’s and Omega’s is back to front.

Alpha is the top dog, the boss, the one in charge.
Omega is the runt of the pack, gets the scraps, and basically takes all the crap from the rest of the pack.

Seems funny that you pay to have Omega status… :slight_smile:


Pretty sure it gets its meaning from this:
Where Alpha signifies the beginning and Omega signifies the end.

Fairly certain it wasn’t set as a reference to a debunked theory from a tv dog show celeb.


If anything, we should change the name of Alphas to Betas, because that’s how most of them act. Like a Beta…


Oh I know the reference to the Greek alphabet etc

The whole Alpha/omega thing around pack structure is not a debunked theory from dog celeb etc but a well established norm to describe the different roles within such a pack etc. :slight_smile:
And one that is widely known more than the Greek alphabet.

Ok, I guess that makes me a nerd. Guess some things never change. :joy:


Been studying the Social Sexual Hierarchy of Men, have you?

Alphas get all the girls though.

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I find that hard to believe considering that the pack hierarchy is a 20th century theory, one that has been largely debunked or at least challenged when applied to dogs which are sociologically distanced from their wild relatives and not pack animals as such.

Whereas the whole alpha omega beginning and end association has been around for centuries, furthermore the Greek alphabet is the basis of many modern alphabets, often via the Romans and their version of it.


Was it really so long ago we had the full alphabet of clone names… and the clone insurance?


I remember those days.
People forgetting to upgrade…

Eve was harsh


When referring to werewolves, Alphas are the leader of the pack, the dominant ones. Omegas are the loners, or the bottom of the ladder. I always felt they should be the other way around, too.

This is a depressing thread…


I suggest renaming them to “Full” and “Trial” so people can get that point across more effectively and not whine that CCP isn’t giving them enough without being paid.


Perhaps they should have called it something more obvious and understandable from the get go, but reversing the names now would just create a bunch of confusion.

I actually miss the old Clone concepts. Lose you clone and lose SP if you hadn’t upgraded…

:smiley: Pack hierarchy a 20th century theory.

I’m sure all the ‘pack’ animals that have demonstrated these behaviours over the centuries before someone came up with a theory that they have tried to debunk using domesticated animals wouldn’t care.

Pack behaviour was around much before any form of formal alphabet.

Got people talking which is all I wanted :smiley:

Doesn’t this game has bigger problems?

Like the alphas mere existence for example? :stuck_out_tongue:

And that is why we should use it? Be part of the mediocrity of the majority? Eat only at McDonalds because you know what you get contrary to that nice small restaurant with the funny name? You’re maybe a goddamn pack animal, I am not.

Jesus wept.

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It was idiotic. There was not a single reason to not upgrade your clone. Only when you were too tired or drunk you forgot to upgrade and had to deal with the consequence. It had no value to gameplay at all and it was the right decision to remove it.


Agreed, but that’s not what you originally said.

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