Alpha Balance

Give them t1 barges with low skill to increase yield revert the cross race training allow them still to use t1or navy bs.

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While I wouldn’t mind seeing Alphas flying mining barges does it however bring a dangerous problem; the abuse of having multiple Alpha accounts for AFK mining. There is already the existing abuse of Alpha accounts CCP has to deal with every day. By allowing Alphas to mine more effectively will it very likely cause a sharp increase in the abuse rate, and that’s something CCP won’t want to deal with in the long term.

No, I’m saying CCP tailors its development focus with use of opiate economics :slight_smile: Part of that is that segregate / seduce pattern of whales / cocaine <- plebs / weed :slight_smile:

It works, but carries risks. Most notably variations on something called Dutch Disease :stuck_out_tongue:

Remove the ability for Alphas to form or join fleets. Collect tears. Profit.


No they weren’t. CCP has said multiple times that alpha should be a viable way of playing the game.

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That’s wrong. Alphas were meant to be a gateway into the game, both for new players (who you want to get a little taste of as much gateway drug as possible) and returning veterans (who might not bother to come back unless they can use their usual ships, within reason).

Gating content behind a paywall only make sense when the content given for free entices to try it at full power. As I said, missing the Omega skills was quite noticeable and FAI my Rattlesnake barely outperfomed a Omega skills Dominix. All the Tier IV and V skills, stacked up, make for a noticeable difference.

Running Level 4s as Alpha is doable, but not adviceable fi you got the Omega skils and can turn them on.


yea I tried alpha play, lasted maybe 10 hours before I said screw this I’m going omega. For pretty much everything I do alpha just doesn’t cut it, it’s either a big efficiency loss or not even possible.

I haven’t seen CCP release any numbers about alphas so I have no idea one way or the other. I have a hard time believing they are a problem though. If anything eve needs more players not less, so I’d need to see evidence of widespread alpha abuse to think restricting alphas would be a good idea.


L3 security in NS, passive gila style ?

CCP goes different way, introducing stuff alphas will not be able to use. Like triglavian ships.

That’s just a terrible idea.


Maybe he should have proposed to prevent alphas from logging in, so you would not have missed the joke.

On the other side …

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Sadly.other threads show it’s not a joke but a serious hate for alphas having things.


I’ve yet to not notice such a thread that shows of hate against alphas.

Just because I don’t want alphas to have same abilities as omegas, does not mean I hate them.

Eh, there are no T2 large guns for alphas, so I would say access to proper BS use is suitably restricted already - there is just enough to make people want omega.
But yeah, we might have too good drone access :slight_smile:

you have rhml2 and geckos.

I didn’t miss the joke. Did you miss mine? I didn’t say it was a bad idea.

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Would have to see Alpha vs Omega activity levels to make an informed call on this.

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This guy has been alpha only since creation almost 6 months ago, Isk from relic sites Is good for my income but I’ve only just begun to dabble in pvp.

What I find weird is that Alpha’s have access to good ratting ships but they lack basic mining barges.

The only reason I can really think of why they did that is because they think mining gives a wrong impression of what the game is about. Arguments about bots strip mining everything are moot because those bots can just spawn isk out of thin air by ratting.

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Because barges are end game in less safe areas of space such as high sec low sec and non deep null.
So you have to have further progression for them to encourage them omega.

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