Alpha barge/blue print

(Gorgon Deangelo) #1

Just an idea to help Alpha Players achieve a net worth early in the game…
Right now the only options when we get done with the tort is the Agent Missions in the star bases… Once were done with those missions we usually have to rely on the Venture for mining…now we all know how tedious that is with a hold of only 5k for ORE… not to mention to aquire the skills and a decient ship necessary to do the incursions would take almost a year of playing… Not to many people that I know would stick it out this long to aquire the necessary equipment or skills to get to the incursions

Now my idea is this… A blue print for a MEGA Venture that ALPHAS can purchase threw the PLEX system…
spend 300 PLEX on a blue print or the ALPHA Miner would be decient…
A version of the RETRIVER is preferable
we already are allowed all but 3 skills needed to fly the RETRIEVER…
make it for use for ALPHAS only…once you aquire the OMEGA STATUS the miner and blue print becomes useless…
.now REMEMBER this IS just an idea folks…

(Rivr Luzade) #2

First SP for RL money, now Blueprints for RL money. the progression is inevitable anyway.

(Alex Dujev) #3

CCP afraid to give something bigger than the Venture to alphas hands. So even maybe it could be desirable but looks like will not happen.


They should create 100% secure anti-bot (mining) system first. We can talk about this topic after this.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #4

1: Why should you get more when you don’t support the company?

  1. Go mine on Sisi. Outside of certain systems, nonconsentual PvP isn’t allowed. There’s your secure botfree system.

(Alex Dujev) #5

Don’t tell as a company. Company desided another way when made alpha-states. It desided that even his logging on is a support, his post on this forum is a support as well.

And i agree with that.

Because he supports the community by any of such an actions. And the company destiny depends on community destiny.

Something tells me that all the supporters of current high-sec chaotic system and piracy will go there soon :smile:

(Chocolate Pickle) #6

If there was an Alpha barge, I’d unsub my miner fly one of those instead.

This idea is bad.

(system) #7

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