Alpha Changes: I Got the Power!

With incoming changes to Alpha clones the discussion around it gone heated, including: PVE and PVP power, ganking, mining, industry and market influence, fleet power.

Moreover, I’m interested in how will change the power doctrine of all new bros corporation/aliances like: Brave, Pandemic Horde, Karma Fleet, Spectre Fleet. Considering the number of Alpha clones, they can become even a new kind of mercenaries, oriented in destroying citadels. How many of High-Sec Alpha clone players will move to Null-Sec? The 10M SP is enough starting power to begin some serious activity in Null-Sec and WH, but the 20M SP is wow!

Anyway, like a DJ, I just want to plug a song for ‘new’ Alphas :slight_smile:

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the 20m SP is likely just 5m from each race, so that alphas can fly all 4 races. and then a few more T2 mods, battlecruisers and battleships.

I wouldn’t get too excited yet.

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We will see the SP distribution soon. The ‘so that alphas can fly all 4 races’ means they will be able to fly respective pirate ships or not (without ORE)? I think the Navigation and Engineering skills will let them to unlock almost all T2 modules. Obviously, for some hi-end and hard-core game play (as solo BC, BS PVP) that’s not enough, but for good FW or SOV fleets they’ll have enough EHP/DPS.

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