Alpha Clone Discrimination

:rofl: Wait 30 years to play EVE!

I mean, it’s pay-to-win in a free-to-play game. :joy:

Considering most of the games today that are free-to-play does indeed have microtransaction. Your complaining, your points, and your frustrations will be pointless.

The last time I was in a Micky Dee’s, a Big Mac was thirty five cents and they hadn’t yet introduced those Mercury patties poached in beef tallow. But I’m sure they’re one of the healthier items on the menu.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I like the title, too. "Alpha Clone Discrimination :sweat_smile:
Maybe Alpha Clones’ Lives Matter can protest in front of CCP headquarters… Imagine they loot the servers :scream:

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I didn’t think that the servers were hosted there.

They’re supposed to be in London -Ooops, now they know :scream:

And they gave a great name for the Nodes too… “Special snowflake node”

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So they’ll feel right at home :sweat_smile:

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Dear Ariana,

it is with a heavy heart and trepidation that I have read your laments. Admittedly, I write this while sipping morning coffee and enjoying the song of the finches that live in my garden, having replaced the blackbird who graced the dawn with his concerto. So fear not my matinal mood. I have been engulfed in sweet, natural music.

You are absolutely right that you are being misled, albeit in ways that are different from what you describe in so many painful and heartfelt ways.

The cake is a lie, as the saying goes. It is, in fact, a mud pie.

Rather than telling you the truth about playing EvE Online, which is based on faithfully paying your monetary dues every month, with discounts for advance payments of up to a year, they, the duplicitous shadowy figures, bombard you with promises of glory and immortality by advertising for unrelated virtual goods that will not add a single moment of full game access. Yes, brothers and sisters, these practices need to be curtailed, nay, condemned and abandoned.

Alphas have the right to know the truth ! Demand alpha client ingame ads in the form of popups NOW, reminding the poor alpha souls to subscribe, and liberate themselves from the yoke of alpha servitude. Free Alphas ! They can all be Omegas, if only they knew. Freedom ! Freedom ! Education is Freedom !

Live from Speaker’s Corner, with a bag of sarcasm, a novel alpha focused marketing plan and an empty coffee cup.


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You and I both. What pleasure it is to wake to the tune of Mother Nature’s finest performers, coffee in one hand and mouse in the other :smiley: It almost makes you forget the Alpha Clones’ self-inflicted plight… Almost.

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I feel particularly mischievous today, after reading the OP.

On the other hand, I also feel it would make sense for Marketing to “discretely” remind alphas to become omegas …

Getting a fresh cup now !! Cheers.





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you can always call destiny the idiot of all time…

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Call me for a good time, boys! :kissing_heart:

If you want a ‘big’ burger and fries that you can actually taste, go to Five Guys instead. more expensive, but so much more worth it.

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First of all CCP is the company that owns , manages , created EVE ! They do what they want with their property, when they want and because they want ! In simple words , it’s their game their rules !

You wanna make isk and still not pay for omega ? Join an indy null Corp , get a venture , mine for a couple of months and u got enough money to plex ur account making it omega status ! From there u can start skilling up for barges and exhumers and it will be easier to plex your account !

Add me in game if u wanna ask anything else !


Can I haz ?

Every time I log in to the character selection… yes, CCP, I know this account is not subbed.

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One does not need to sub to be omega.

And even if he isn’t, one need not be omega to make a good suggestion with regard to getting alphas to go omega.