Alpha Clone SP system

There is something wrong with the ‘so called free’ SP points recently introduced: they stack with the already freely trained normal SP, preventing me to reach my 5 MILS limit. So to speak, if i have 500 k UNUSED SP, I cannot train anymore for free over 4.5 MILS SP, and that is a pity.

Much better it would be if only we can ‘postpone’ the unused SP after we have reached our beloved 5 MILS trained SP. This will do a great difference. Please fix this broken mechanic, otherwise there is no point in gaining ‘unused’ SP if they stack with the trained SP.

The limit for Alpha’s is on their total SPs and yes that includes any number of unallocated SP you may have, it’s been that way since clone states were introduced and even before (that is unallocated SPs being incl. in total SP).

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Well clearly it would be better for you, but the mechanic has always worked this way and isn’t really broken - that’s just how it is.

You’ve just reached the intended cap sooner so just make 2nd character on the account and start training her. You still can earn more free SP from the event so nothing really has changed other than you got to your cap sooner.

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First of all, its not broken, its how it is intended to work. Your full amount of SP is included in your free SP limit, because its still SP. Its not like the unattributed SP doesnt actually exist or anything.

Secondly, yes, there is a point in gaining unused SP even when they stack with trained SP. Why? because you can apply that unused SP instantly, without waiting for the however months you need to in order to get that SP through normal means.

So yes, unused SP is better and superior to the SP you collected through waiting and training.

Wait 1 month to get 500k SP.


Get 500k SP instantly.

Im sure even you can realize which is more convenient. So yes, there is a point. Just have to think harder, and realize what the point is.

No no. It’ not the same. You are not an alpha, so you cannot understand (this is a general and widely spread problem). it’s not the same, for a true alpha, whether the points contribute to the cap limit.

Thus, it’s a big issue if an event that is focused in promoting the game for new users, tends to punish only… the fresh alpha clones.

Forget about other considerations, even if they are true, as the one you have previously stated.

So for a new alpha, and I’m not one anymore, this is a pity, a big big pity.

Then feel free to explain.

Because i explained and demonstrated how this was infact a benefit to Alphas.

So now, its your turn. Either respond to my arguments, demonstrating how it isnt a benefit to alphas, and how it isnt the same, or admit defeat.

No, why should we ignore the other considerations? Just because the other considerations are inconvenient to you and your narrative?

Big pity for you. For the rest of the game? Not so much.

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I am a little confused as to what the actual problem is. The bonus SP allows you to get to the cap quicker, but is still just SP isn’t it?

I’m just surprised (and pleased) that they allow you to apply it after passing the 5M limit so you can take an alpha clone past the cap.



But the OP is angry that, instead of saving time getting to 5 million skillpoints, and appreciating it, he wanted to train 5 million and get that extra skillpoints as a bonus on top of the 5 million he already had.

In other words, he is acting entitled to something that he isnt entitled to at all, and is crying about how the game is broken because he cant get what he wants.

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And don’t forget: we’re not true alpha so we can’t possibly understand.

I know, right.

Someone has an hard time understanding why a new Alpha, or better, a potential new player, then more, a potential new paying player, would be motivated by this fact, if only it were true. So eve online would be a better game with this.

It’s really so easy.

No, it would be a better game for you. But not for EVE online.

It is.

You get SP that you can use instantly, instead of having to wait and train for it.

Instead of waiting 5 days, you can train instantly.

Win win for Alpha.

Its not hard at all. Very easy. Very good for Alpha.

Let me ask you this question. Would you rather have no bonus SP at all, or Bonus SP that is part of the 5 million and can be applied instantly, saving you time?

please make a good effort and try to understand: at the moment the sp points permit an old Alpha to go further the 5mils cap, as good as it is. the problem is only a concern of a fresh Alpha that cannot freeze those sp point - as she would - for later, but she can only consume them immediately (because that doesn’t make a difference concerning the 5mils cap).

so, this makes a fresh Alpha very upset, belive me, and marks a difference betwen old and new Alphas (this is the issue), and this should be a problem for a ccp marketing guy, not for the players.

So, I cannot explain clearer that this.

I do understand. I just dont agree. And if you actually answered my questions, I bet you would agree with me. But you wont, because you know it would destroy your argument.

Yes. It benefits older Alphas. So if you joined this game a longer time ago, you get more benefits, because you have been active for longer.

It rewards people who have played longer.

This is as it should be.

Loyal customers and people who are more active longer, should be rewarded.

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