Alpha Coercer for Level One Missions - Eight Turrets or Six?

I’m about to embark on my first level one Epic Arc mission in a Coercer. Most fits I’ve seen show eight laser turrets fitted however the maximum number of base targets is six.

Should I fit the eight on the basis that two turrets will be firing on each of two targets while the other six fire on one target each or only mount six turrets and save two high slots for other modules?

Okay… so… ideally you want to…

  • have all the same guns (type, name, etc)
  • have all guns using the same ammo

Once you do this, you can “link” the guns together so that they fire at the same target (there should be a little button to the left of the guns on the fitting window).

The idea behind this is that it makes more sense to focus your fire on a single target and destroy it quickly (thus removing incoming hostile damage) versus micromanage each individual turret and slowly grind away at individual targets (and tank all that damage while doing it).

Now… for thematic reasons or because the targets you are facing are simply pathetically weak, you can keep the weapons “unlinked” and fire them individually.

But the general rules of thumb are:

  • more guns = better
  • focus fire = better

I generally have my weapons in 2 groups. All weapons are same, and using all hardpoints.
You can just drag a weapon on top of another to link them, then they work kind of as one more powerful weapon. The reason i keep them in 2 groups is that when shooting weak targets such as low tier frigates, shooting all 8 guns would just result in massive overkill and managing 2 groups is pretty much as fast as one big group anyway.

Weird that you didnt think that multiple guns can shoot same target though.

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Well… When i was new i used to fit 3 different types of guns to my ship for different ranges. And i used to triple-tank my ship. You know: just in case shield gets penetrated i will tank with armor and hull…

Nice times! Sometime i miss this enigma… These days anything in EvE is already precalculated.

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Much appreciated. I got the idea of separately targeting from one of the mission guides. I guess it was aware that initial engagements are with weak foes.

Thanks for the clarification. I was aware that guns could be grouped but was led astray in wether do so by a mission guide that suggested separate targeting.

Further to my post, I’ve had a look at your Coercer fit and unfortunately as an Alpha pilot I can’t use it as It requires some level 5 skills. Do you have a suggested Alpha fit for the Coercer?

I do not recall making a Coercer fit recently (not on the new forums at least).

But here is a basic fit I just cooked up:

Damage Control I
Adaptive Nano Plating I
Small Armor Repairer I

1MN Afterburner I
Small Capacitor Booster I, Cap Booster 200 (try to use this as little as possible, it is “emergency capacitor power”)

Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S (Standard S deals medium damage, medium range)
Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S
Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S
Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S
Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S
Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S
Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S
Dual Light Pulse Laser I, Standard S

Multifrequency x 8 (for short range, high damage)
Radio x 8 (for long range, low damage)
Cap Booster 200 x 15 (this will take up the bulk of your cargohold)

You can trade up weapons and other equipment as your skills improve and you gain more ISK.

Thank you. Yes, your original Coercer fit was on the old now archived forum.

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