Alpha & Omega Clone proposal - Increase the player base

Haha, I’m definitely in the ‘everyone above age 40’ crowd.

But yah, I haven’t played it myself yet, however Fortnite was the game I was referring to. Apparently a player population of 200 million may be required to attain that kind of revenue even as a “free to play” game, but the company succeeded in a big way.

However, that type of population does not seem to exist on a shared world, so EVE is different in that regard, and may or may not be able to mimic that particular model.


I only heard about the title a few times and saw a video on the youtube where they were mocking the “physics in fortenite” like rocket jumps.

Sorry for being ignorant about other things. at our age not every new game is a high priority anymore and I am only staying so involved in EVE Online because of all the people around the globe I met, which was the one big other things back when I started - everyone is in the same world, no matter where on Earth you are from - you all meet in New Eden somewhere.

Let’s start with this:

Delete your post and re-think it properly then post it back.

No need for apologies at all, I should be the one to apologize. I wrote poorly, and made it sound as if I assumed everyone should know about the game, when I was really just trying to be humorous.

I like your worldly outlook. I’ve read articles where for some, especially the handicapped, MMO’s are pretty much their only source of connecting with people. Whereas in real life, people interact with them differently when they meet in person, in the MMO world they are just seen as a regular Joe or Jane, and often become the centers of their group. And if they pass due to their illness, they are sorely missed cause of the impact they’ve had on their group, and the group will sometimes travel across the globe to attend their funeral and meet their families. If you ever come across such articles, they are very much worth the read.

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