Alpha / Omega UI Colours

Now that I’ve created a whole new account, which is Alpha at the moment but will become Omega in due course…some comments and questions…

The new NPE is considerably longer than the one I had 6 months ago, or so it seems. Could not see any option to skip it, so it becomes rather exasperating…as it actually prevents you doing many of the things you already know to do.

But the main reason I am posting is the UI colours. Omega has more background colours, on tabs, etc…fair enough. But one aspect is very annoying indeed. Highlighted items in the Overview in Alpha are barely perceptible at all…being just a slight shade of grey different to the background, which can be totally missed in some background lighting. On a trip of 20 jumps or so, sure one can arrange it so the next stargate is automatically at the top and is selected…but it would be good if ( like in Omega ) it gets properly highlighted so you know it is selected. I could not see any option to do this.

It’s reasonable enough that Alpha misses out on a large array of ships, skills, etc, but it seems rather daft that it misses out on something as basic as proper selection highlighting. Or is there such an option and I have simply missed it ?

Disable light background on overview (r-click on top of it) and disable windows transparency in settings.

With new UI in work, afik themes are going into dumpster. So there is no point in asking for anything in this regard

The new UI has a few themes (~5 iirc), and they’re also locked behind a paywall, kind of annoying as the free theme isn’t that good. So yeah still worth asking for.

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