ALPHA SP/learning speed & cap suggestion

As a player in a young corp with most players being recently created - as me.
I would suggest to review the ALPHA system a little bit. Will explain the reason below.

ALPHA should get SP at the same speed as OMEGA account. Up to 5’000’000 SP
Then, from 5’000’000 to 10’000’000 SP, the learning speed back to half of OMEGA
The cap should go up to 10’000’000 SP
Keep the 1’000’000 SP offered

That way, at the begining, Alpha players, can feel how OMEGA is good. And they do learn fast enough to see the improvments from having new skills etc…
That way they can experience more gameplay with various ships and be more involved into playing eve with other players. It will motivate them

Why I am telling that is because I do see new players coming, which are ALPHA only (I run 2 omega accounts) and when they see how slow it goes, and so much limitation, they usualy leave on the first month. So far, I can tell we’ve have seen at least 10 players within 2 months leaving because they already see how limited they are and will be.
they cant do anything other than mining… And if they wish to do more things, the 30 days training discourage them almost immediately, and they leave.

Currently this system ask the player to love EVE for things they cant experience at all. Or at least, not in an acceptable time frame.

CCP should at least really consider letting the ALPHA to get as much SP at the same speed as OMEGA until they reach 5’000’000 SP.

Thats my humble opinion. Be fair, and if you have a different one, expose your idea, dont insult me.

the 5msp mark is a good idea

I think the best solution to prevent players from starting, realizing how restricted alpha is, and leaving…is just doing away with alpha and taking us back to the good ol’ days of Omega only accounts.

  • Well, you’d have to raise the required SP to use injectors, or it would allow players to farm infinite SP without buying plex or MPTC’s.
  • I’m speculating here, as I’m not an expert on botter strats, but it could very well be a boon to botters. Now, they’ll be able to train up 10 million SP toons for free in order to replace the ones that get banned.
  • The SP increase could conceivably have economic impacts, by increasing alpha account PvE efficiencies.
  • It reduces the chance that CCP gets money out of a player, by mitigating an incentive to upgrade.
  • People were making similar arguments about slow progression even before alpha account status existed. Now, we could argue about the merits of Eve’s progression system, and whether or not it should be revamped/replaced, but I promise you that your solution will not stop people from leaving due to Eve’s slow progression.

Of course, this is not to say that it wouldn’t make life easier on alpha newbros -especially guys who can’t justify/afford a sub. However, I know for a fact that it wont stop newbros from complaining about slow progression, and it will undoubtedly create other issues that would need to be addressed.

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I’m all for having a re-think to help Alphas overcome genuine hurdles (eg remove drones skill so everyone can use 5 drones from day one and thus use a bloody Tristan properly)

But blanket SP increases and faster training isn’t it. This has never made any impact on how many people stay, omega or alpha.

Or, as mentioned above, just get rid of Alphas. Created more problems than it was worth.

Mining is probably one of the things Alphas are less effective at because they are locked to a venture. Alphas can definitely make more money safer in missions or abyss space. And even Alphas can blob in PvP.


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