Alpha Suicide ganking

Only to the crap ones. Which I’m perfectly fine with.

hahahahaha…so you advise us to do ALL those things to avoid being ganked by an alpha account that has spent zero time and zero effort to gank me…they are literally given the sp needed so it takes like 20 mins in total to make a char and whole alliances are teaming to do this. You’re whole mega link is a misconception.

He isnt talking about removing ganking completely, only the alpha accounts.

Err no. The vast majority are not.

And the ones that are, are some of the few people using alphas correctly.

Not noobie accounts.

You say that as if it would be some kind of problem?

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How many ganker whine threads does this make now? I’ve lost count…


Don’t make yourself a valuable target. It’s that simple…

So, there is this guy offering a product/service to help industrial to avoid being ganked Ganker Standing List | Wanted Alpha Testers | CaG

While I have serious doubt if he can delivery what he is advertising, I think he was spot on in the premisse that people being ganked lack the intelligence used in nullsec.

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Then they should be banned if so. If you login on an alpha, you can’t be playing on any other account under the rules of the game.

Interesting. Then either some people I know are playing against the rules, or I’ve misunderstood how it is they’re “multiboxing.” I thought multiboxing was logging into an Omega player and then using a separate monitor to have another character playing on that second screen. I’ve been under the impression those alts were most often Alphas.

According to what you shared, apparently some of my friends are paying for five or six Omega characters. That seems… excessive.

You can’t do it simply with a second screen and alpha. Once you login an Omega, the client won’t launch an alpha. Similarly, once you login an Alpha, the client won’t launch any other instance.

So you need either more than 1 computer, or more than one instance of the game installed on a single computer (eg. by spinning up a one or more virtual machines on your system. Each VM can then have it’s own installation of the game).

I’ve done that, however “pay” is relative, if you have that many alts you should have isk/plex to pay for some of them if not all.

That seems rather complicated, and I like multiboxing even less than I did before, but we’re getting off-topic. As for the suggestion made by the OP, I don’t believe Alphas should lose their ability to initiate combat in any sec. If they want to gank, let 'em, then blow them up with a T3 destroyer or something.

Alpha’s spend more time training skills, more effort, and have to be far more careful as they have lower skill potential, can’t use fancy ships, modules and so on. I’ve said this before, omega clones bitching about being killed by alpha clones is pathetic. Omega has a gigantic advantage over an Alpha, it’s that simple, and just points to the excellence of some of these pilots while making a mockery of those who complain about them.
I will take a bunch of good alpha pilots over omega pilots who complain about someone who they look down on beating them any time.
You people better pray these specific alpha pilots don’t go omega, then you will have no advantage whatsoever.

You don’t need to let 'em. Find a calm place, get to know who are the locals, learn to identify threats and react to it before they have you locked.

…or don’t. But accept that you are an easy target and that is your fault.

One other thing since I’m repeating myself:
You don’t have any way of knowing someone’s an alpha clone unless they tell you they are one.
If I’m wrong about that please correct me, but in the mean time, I have a question for you:
Am I omega or alpha?
You have a fifty fifty chance of guessing that, good luck, you need it if you can’t come with the people you choose to look down on.

It’s a double:
Ganking + alpha clone bigotry

And to answer your question, far to many.

I multibox five accounts usually, all doing wildly different things in totally different places most of the time. I do this on a laptop with one monitor using Alt Tab to switch windows. When I’m doing this none of them can be alpha clones as the launcher and client don’t allow that. You can have as many omega accounts on as you like (or that your computer can handle) but if you log in an alpha clone that’s it. Just the one account can run.

It’s not that complicated, and it’s actually a lot of fun. Something I have been experimenting with is using a tiny ship for combat backed up by one that remotely repairs, aids things like range and tracking and beefs up the tank on the little ship. It can get really intense. Personally I find it amazing what some people can do with lots of accounts, I can fly one ship fairly well, add another and the quality of my flying drops a lot. Others don’t have that problem and watching them can be amazing.

I think you misunderstood me :slight_smile:

My point is that in highsec gankers can hide in the crowd. If you see in 00 someone without positive standing, you know that guy might be a “baddie”.

Same can be applied in HS. But people in HS don’t gather information on who is hostile and who is not.
That what i meant by “lack the intelligence” in my previous post. Is not that they can’t learn to do it, it is that they are lazy and careless.

just ban all multiboxing.

Just imagine the amount of salt…