Already refinery on market how?

It take at least 6 day’s to manufacture one how are there already some on the market?

Because people have used bonus’ed production structures at a guess…

OK understood - is there a way to find out what structures are bonuses? i know there are implants that also help. I just found out I don’t really know all that much about manufacturing LOL

I see them listed on the market, but when you tick the box for list only available they disappear, at least over where I am.

Yeah they likely had T2 time rigs and implants etc., and had all the Station components ready made.

Well they would have to be public, but go to Business and then open up the Structure Browser, that should give you a list of those with the production modules, from that you should be able to work it out. What I did was go visit with a small job and see what bonuses I got, was a bit tedious.

A Sotiyo engineering complex provides a default 30% reduction in time use for manufacturing jobs

It can be rigged e.g. with a Standup XL-Set Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency II, which in nullsec and WH-space will provide a further 50.4% TE bonus

Implants can also reduce time use; don’t recall the exact details of that here and now, but I think the best one provides a 4% reduction

Not sure how the exact formula for all this looks, but all-in-all it reduces time-to-market by a whole lot, and to substantially less than 6 days :slight_smile:


True, but I can’t see any bonuses reducing it to less than 24 hours.

It went live at midday Tuesday so its is doable to have them up now. I was not paying attention but if the BPO’s were available before hand then people would have fully researched them as well as all the bonuses.

That’s 22 hours ago, I still don’t believe they can be manufactured that fast. But maybe I’m wrong…

We are actually about 46 hours after the change, but if it is not a bug in terms of the market then whoever did it is some serious bad ass indy dude…

It is a fake refineries from china servers !!! Do not buy them they are not fully certified for Tranquility use and my go kaput in few days. You risk very bad investments there…


1 day, 18 hours to build, in a T2 rigged XL engineering structure.

A large does it in 1 day, 21 hours.


I wonder where/when the first one will go online and start dilling…?

Cheers for the information - how can you tell if a structures is dockable? I thought I found a structure with nice bonuses but i can’t dock. Do I have to warp around trying to find a dockable structure?

I was playing around with this as I set up a hisec base close to an entry point for my nullsec location, and wanted to make a few things there.

First port of call is the structure browser, which tells you what services there are. But the real useful one is the industry tool, select Facilities and there you go, so far I have found that all those that show on there you can dock in. Just put your mouse over the Manufacturing icon and it gives you the stats in terms of bonuses. I hope that helps.

Just went back down the list and there are a few that I doubt I can dock in, though they are PHEW so could be bait structures…

PS Be very careful because some people let people start jobs then run out of fuel to wind them up, typical Eve behaviour patterns.

cheers i tried your 2nd method and it wouldn’t let me dock LOL

Sorry, it does look like the only way is to try and dock, I would suggest doing a way point list, getting into an interceptor and seeing what you can find. But I hope you can find a workable method that helps from what I have suggested.

You can dock if you can see it on your overview when you’re not on grid with it.

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