What is alt1 and alt2 i mean i am very confused since i am new ppl say u need a second alt for capital ships and such what r they.

Alts are additional character (most commonly created on separate accounts) that one player controls.

The reason most people recommend an alt character for capitals involve things like scouting and cynos. Capitals have a Jump Drive that allows them to “jump” across systems to a specific destination, often a Cynosaural Field (Cynos). These require a pilot to fly a ship with the Cyno fitted on in order to activate it.

Because EVE is pretty dangerous, a good rule of thumb is to have an alt character that YOU control be that pilot. This way, when you are using your Jump Drive on your Capital ship pilot, you can specifically pick a destination cyno that YOU are lighting with your alt character. This way, you can make 100% sure that the Cyno you are jumping to is safe.

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So then the other two empty slots which appears while logging in the game when u select the account u play on are those used as alts or does someone have to have a seperate account like with a different email or steam id.


Only 1 Character per account can be logged in at a given time. You need to have a separate account in order to log two characters in at the same time. Note that both accounts must be Omega.


And you also dont need alts if you have a supporting corporation that works together. As people will fill in those roles some people use for alts.

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Oh i see

Yeah it troubles me when people tells new players they need alts. With a good alliance and corporation you really do not. I feel it makes a new player reconsider if this is really the game for them.

So let me say it again. find that one one corp (you might go through many) that will support their members and grow.


Yeah, you don’t need alts to be successful or have fun. They are useful, but not required.

That’s some good advice right there

Yeah, I’v skilled my first Alt account when I was about 2 years in the game. It’s definitely not a newbro issue.

It’s set up for scouting in wormholes, salvaging, gas mining and PI and needs a subbed account.

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