Alternative to Scarcity

Especially if you consider the login giveaways!

Perhaps I am wrong to think that. Are they not reducing reprocessing yields? Mission drops, bounties?
I am still trying to work out where all the Blue ICE fields went to?
(edit) maybe I am thinking it is better to no need the item in the first place.

Aren’t those a deterrent to log in? A way of discouraging multiple log in if the player like myself who feels that it could introduce OCD?

isn’t that the point?

The login giveaways suck, but they are a good way to accumulate stuff/junk, including things you cannot acquire any other way - like soul-bound skins.

My mind instantly jumped to the song working at the car wash, work, and work.

I see blue prints and firecrackers but no skins, must not be logging in as often as I feel that I should.

/btw check my evemail… nope she still had not replied.

They’ve nerfed ore yield and bounties yeah. But it’s still above zero. You still acquire more wealth by playing than not playing. Unless you burn through stuff you can’t afford to replace.

With the isk cost of an Orca now close to 2 bill now up over 50% the rewards seem to be non existent when factoring in risk and that risk increases by the hour of being undocked.

Now I am one to take many risks in the past.

& even when I had once farmed like this;

Questions on my mind are helping me to come to terms with, are these changes good for the solo multiboxer or are they good for the single pilot of an alliance.

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