Alternative to Scarcity

So my understanding of the point of scarcity is to remove stockpiles of resources. But in all of my reading across the forums, it doesn’t seem to be doing that very well. What I was thinking is why doesn’t CCP introduce alternatives to scarcity? One major thing I was thinking of is to introduce massive public works systems.

First, they could allow players to attempt to build gates to replace the routes that were lost to the trig. These gates would not necessarily complete the same route, but would be close. The gates themselves would be expensive and, because they are lower tech than the standard gates, would require fuel to use.

Another could be a way to remove stockpiles of ships and equipment by introducing some new event where players donate material to some war cause. Donating would give you standings and LP but no isk.

The idea is to give players something they want to burn resources on and not just something the wealthy ride through while the poor suffer.

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Yes, because the emotional minority on the forums is a good indication of how well this is doing.

Using the same logic, I’d argue scarcity is highly effective - we have the industrialists who flood the market complaining non-stop that their incomes have decreased.

Didn’t they just add some gates that massively reduced the routing around pochven?

Standings and LP would not motivate anyone to donate their stuff, unless the LP could buy some extremely lucrative items that you could then turn around and sell for…ISK.


I’m holding on to my stockpiles in case scarcity works and the price goes up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Meanwhile CCP have said that stockpiles have diminished and destruction has remained steady whilst production has fallen. I’d go off them rather than the forums.

People have a personal interest for scarcity to ‘fail’ or for it to end as soon as possible. So they will say pretty much anything to that end.


The problem is that they missed an opportunity to deplete actual resources by making this an event that used even resources. Also, the event was pointless because there was no m3 goal, just see how much you can mine during the event. If they added gates that cost trillions of isk worth of minerals, and they would not go active until that goal was hit, then they could have pulled trillions of isk worth of minerals from the game.

The intent would be another form of resource sink as opposed to scarcity’s reduction in resource faucet. And the reason for no isk reward is to not increase the isk faucet. The trading of goods for isk keeps the isk supply neutral, which is slightly better than making it a faucet.

Terrible idea. Look up “the tragedy of the commons” if you want to understand why.

Adding new events where players can turn in bear pelts “for the horde!” is just going to result in an even bigger economic divide between new and old players. The new ones will be turning their pockets inside out with smiles on their faces thinking that they’re “engaging in the playing of the vidyagame, hooray!” while the old ones like me are going to sit idly by on top of the 1.5T of Morphite they bought an hour after the new mineral tables were released and eat popcorn.


I see what you mean, I always forget that you can never underestimate the overwhelming self interest of people. :slight_smile:

That was a contrived fallacy from the day it was first written - intended as piece of editorial propaganda in favor of centralized control replacing individual freedoms.

There never was a tragedy of the commons - the aristocracy just got tired of letting the peasants graze their livestock for free.

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I can assure you that the tragedy of the commons is alive and well, as would be evidenced if you’ve ever had the privilege of observing someone shitting on the seat while riding public transportation, and then casually getting off and walking away at the next stop.

Its simplier if they just had removed the orca and rorqual ingame.


We’re just discussing here, no idea is stupid idea, how bad can it get right? (compare to what’s already done).

Most people post on the forum are minority, or if not All of us are vocal minority. The majority of people leave and show their support with their wallet. It’s called customer loyalty and retention. So let’s be civil shall we?

The aim is to burn up stockpiles and scarcity is fairly much a passive way of doing so, given time people adapt and adjust and the rate of burning probably never matches the rate of stockpiling in the long run. Destruction will not outpace stockpiling in raw value as player base shrink or people stopped undocking (war turn into minor skirmishes, then into truce…that’s just natural process).

So here are some ideas people already came up with, and some are mine:

  • I support Fuels (of some type) for every ship that constantly depletes and used for Energy (capacitor in Eve terms) Generation in and out of subspace.

  • Armor reppers should all act like Anc Armor Rep, they need to consume nanobots each cycle.

  • Ships with drone bays should be able to consume parts and components to repair drones in space, they shouldn’t just be launchpads. Each parts and components restores different amount of HP.

  • Heat should be a resource, every module generates heat and you need to manage not just power, but also heat for your modules (not just weapon, like afterburner moderate generation, microwarp high heat generation … etc), rather than Overheat and you got BooZaaaaaa~! super maniac on steroid. You overheat over your cooling capacity, modules stop like out of cap.

  • Type of damage should have effects, EM can occasionally cause effect that randomly puts module offline, maybe an ECM meter, go below threshold and probability of module off-lining greatly increases. THM should fill up ship’s heat meter. Kinetic should have small chance to cause Hull Breach even at full armor/shield, Explosive should cause Splash Damage. (Eve could have done it long ago and be pioneering innovation, but now I kind of pick this up from other games)

  • Fun part, Incursion and the likes should be more rampant, aaaand…not instanced into deadspace pockets. They should assault stations even in HS, I love watching fleet fights, even between NPC.
    Capsuleers are free to assist defending navy or local security forces, and via that, earn reward only when they successfully thwarted or reduced the threat to stations/celestials.
    Damaged stations can be repaired, instead of donating materials, use remote repair modules (that uses paste/fuel etc as suggested above).
    NPC can be hard and tricky with sleeper AI, difficulty depends on system security status.
    Aggression to be decided, but passive would be good for a start, meaning only if capsuleers attacked the incursion fleet or activates repair module on already aggressed targets the NPC will send a wing or 2 to engage, gradually increase if engagement time grows. Makes some proper adjustment to bounty to prevent farming ISK. NPC Structure will be reinforced and not destroyed, but when HULL drops to 1/2, the attacking fleet announces victory and all assets stored will be reduced by 1/2 (destroyed) like loot drop mechanics. Player structures CAN be destroyed completely and everything not evacuated will be lost.
    Player Sov space will have no exception, the attacking fleet appears randomly (say like those drifters, but aggress and try to attack structures), don’t over do the reward though, start small, then see how it goes, else it’ll just be another farmer’s target.
    There, you get the fun and reward for defending space (owned by you or NPC) and you CAN suffer consequences if you don’t act.
    To put icing on the cake and top it up with some flavour, player aligned to the pirates can assist the incursion and help attacking the structure once attack has been initiated (they are not allowed to initiate the incursion themselves in Empire Space though), and here, you have some kind of instanced FW between pirates AND players and some PVP.

These are just some wild ideas and before you guys start going on about whether it’s good or bad, “lame, pure idiocy”…etc. Don’t worry, CCP don’t read the forums so the likelihood of any of this is happening is 0%


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More wild “not gonna happen” ideas:

  • Instead of mutaplasmid, make all produced module, ships, rigs, subsystems have variable stats. the variation goes like scanning skills but based on industry skills, you train skills to increase the chance of favourable stats from rolling.
    You also can spend resources and reforge…enhance (enchant)…upgrade…to reroll those stats. That’s gonna juice up the dynamics quite a bit around industry.

Of course, on the market implementation, CCP probably won’t be able to make it happen like abyssals…lol, whether they won’t or they can’t

maybe industry shouldnt be to where you can buy and produce on hundreds of alts and ship on stacks of ships and equipment that could fund a war fleet for years.

Many moons ago it was stated something like; “It is up to the player to change Eve as we remember that New Eden is unscripted.

It is stated elsewhere that…"If you can’t change the people…Change the People!*

Re; Scarcity in Eve Online

“Here’s what’s actually going on. It’s too easy, right now, to buy what you want in the game, and plex your account and play for free too. It’s especially too easy to plex a dozen accounts and play a dozen accounts for free because you can multi-box in a low effort way. CCP and their new bosses at PA see this. They’re going to make it harder.”

My take on all this and knowing that it could be either right or wrong though it has now become easy as a simple coin toss in deciding whether to continue down this path playing current Eve Online with where it is headed or to stop and revisit the outcome in the future.

The problem is the tools stopped coming and the scripts started.

CCP’s problem will be there is lots of materials on clients that people don’t log in again that isn’t being destroyed. Check the numbers vs 1-5 yrs ago… server population WAY down. Scarcity is killing eve.

ie risk vs reward plays a very large part in New Eden.

Currently the rewards for leaving items inside NPC stations while taking extended breaks (6 months +) seem to indicate that they will return a far greater return value in ISK in the future due to the “Scarcity” and how it reduces the rewards for active players who are currently playing and consuming such items.

Perhaps NPC stations in Highsec are too well looked after? Items don’t expire outside of becoming obsolete due to blueprints etc.

Are there any plans in this “CCP Scarcity” to shrink inventory of inactive accounts?

All they can do for that in my opinion, is to devalue those inventory items. Which is contradictory due to the scarcity phase - those items will go up in value.

Outright targeting the 1% of players and removing items would be a major popcorn event.

Thats because people on the forums seem to expect this to happen overnight, you’re not suddenly going to consume all the years and years worth of stockpiles straight away, it takes time

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Surely active players are able to acquire more items than inactive players.