Am i misunderstanding standings?

If i complete a mission that increases my Gurista Corp standings, isnt it supposed to increase my guristas pirates standings by default?

I mean, the agents im accepting the missions from are in the agency panel under filter - faction- guristas pirate.

Only storyline missions affect faction standings. You receive a storyline mission for every 16 missions of a particular level that you complete for an NPC corp. For example, complete 16 level 1 security missions for Guristas Corp and you will receive a storyline mission that will increase your standing with Guristas Pirates faction, but it will also negatively affect your standing with every faction that is opposed to Guristas.


thanks for your detailed answer!

HAHA legit cracked up when i saw this … but yea im trying to get my standings high enough where the diamond rat will rep me and fight with when agressed … ive seen some videos and it was damn cool

Also bear in mind that standings increases are not linear. They are are a percentage of the difference between your current standing and +10. As your standing with a faction increases, the law of diminishing returns make it more difficult to advance.

of course … only need 5.0 for the gurista pirates diamond rats to Rep you thought … im at 4.4 after cosmos and epic arc … gonna try and generate some story missions…
worst case ill be good in 3 months when i can do epic arc again

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