AMA - CCP Acquisiton by Pearl Abyss! Starts at 16:30 UTC!


(Why U SoFail) #458

I feel ya, my question wasnt answered either. It all good tho, this is day 2-3 of this annoucement.

(CCP Falcon) #459

You can buy one now if you want, they’re on the market.

(Salvos Rhoska) #460


But a lot of these answers are also redundant, and answering the same things over and over whilst ignoring others.

(Arrendis) #461

But can we buy an anime monocle?

(Vera Markus) #462

@CCP_Falcon Is this the reason you couldn’t come and get absolutely smashed in Dublin last weekend?

(CCP Falcon) #463
  • Can I now buy walking in station for a fee? - Eur 49 would be well balanced

There are no plans to work on avatar gameplay going forward.

  • Can I pay to get a single player mode so there is no worries for any ratting and mining person/s and feel safe

EVE is an MMO. The Ms stand for Massively Multiplayer. :wink:

Any chance of station walking ever again?
(Dictateur Imperator) #464

I suppose we have to validate eula on every account after the 12 october ?

(Zachri) #465

Did you expect them to not be selective? This is a messaging application, it has purpose. Not informing, but managing. Perfectly understandable.

(CCP Falcon) #466

Will there be any more instanced PVE like the Abyss?

You’ll find out more about what’s coming next for EVE Online at EVE Vegas.

Will EvE remain a single shard game?


(CCP Falcon) #467



Whatever you say, sold is sold, its a big mistake for you Hilmar. There no any other game and community like this, eve and its players were such unique ecosystem, whery sadly, money money money… and you r still so pour.

(Skyreth) #469

We’ve both asked the same thing with no reply, so I think we can put that down to PA only making a verbal statement, and nothing being written down as a legally binding agreement. Take that as you will.

With no contract stating PA won’t ■■■■ things up, I believe the “They’ll leave us be” line as much as I believe the earth is flat, or that I’m made out of potato.

(Salvos Rhoska) #470

I did not.

I did not however expect them to suddenly jump 200-300 posts ahead instead answering questions in sequence, as first come first served.

I also did not expect them to ignore relevant questions in favor of repeating the same thing over and over to repeated questions on the same things.

(CCP Falcon) #471

CCP will be maintaining future control. Pearl Abyss have been super direct about this.

(Jallukola) #472

Yeah, it’s AMA only as long as Pearl Abyss gets to keep up a smokescreen.

(JC Mieyli) #473

how did you figure me out

(CCP Guard) #474
  1. Abyssal Deadspace has worked pretty well and been well received so we’ll probably develop it further and quite possibly use the tech for other features.
  2. There are no plans to move from the single shard approach for EVE

(CCP Falcon) #475

will out of game player events like Fanfest still happen

There’s no plans to change this - real world events are a cornerstone of our community.

is this deal almost the same as disney/marvel where ccp is still a studio and owned by PA

Not sure what the specifics are there - CCP is a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Pearl Abyss.

what changes to staff do you know about and can comment on

No planned changes.

future game like nova still coming or on hold?

Still coming, in development.

(Claire Muscae) #476

Will Server Time be changed to KST?

(CCP Guard) #477

Keep an eye out, we’re always hiring :slight_smile: