AMA - CCP Acquisiton by Pearl Abyss! Starts at 16:30 UTC!


(Rexxar Santaro) #618

A company CEO can’t talk rubbish to journalists, because it will influence on shares percentage.

It’s the first Jung’s order to build visually luxurious F2P-P2W MMOs on both PC/Mobile platforms. I’m curious about ‘next level’ phrase - it’s referred to P2W or to visual luxuriously?

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #619

The Nun (2018)

(Zibo Nakur) #620

This is the correct answer. CCP will be able to maintain it’s “independence” so long as the numbers are satisfactory. If that starts to flounder, the meddling from PA will begin. If nothing else, because PA shareholders will demand it.

(Old Pervert) #621
  1. Did the departure of CCP Seagull have anything to do with these negotiations, or was it unrelated?
  2. There are frequent accusations that Eve is already P2W with injectors and to a lesser extent Plex. I disagree because neither offers an advantage over a regular pilot that cannot be regularly obtained at no cost. Where do you sit on this topic?

(Richard Brainsun) #622

What makes you think CCP was independent before this buyout? They were owned by a financial group who probably mainly focussed on the bottom line. They are now owned by a GAMING ORIENTED investment group who may have some less desirable options built into other titles but who at the same time may be very much aware of the fact these things will not work in EVE like they do in BDO.

(Jin'taan) #623

Yup - Hilmar met with us about an hour and a half after the news went public, so he caught much of the same concerns from us that the playerbase had. That speaks volumes to me about the weight of trust that CCP continues to put into the CSM, at every level.

We’ll continue to talk to CCP and help pick out the signal from the noise of community feedback to direct at the relevant teams. If you have specific concerns, the CSM isn’t going to be able to say “no that won’t happen”, but we’ll fight for the same line of not affecting gameplay/locking features behind paywalls/adding grind you can ‘bypass’ that the community is rightfully afraid of.

(Blood Ruin) #624

@CCP_Falcon and @CCP_Guard

Can you give us an update about whether or not Project Nova is planning to be a continued project and what expectations are for that IP moving forward?

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Dust 514 2: Desert Storm

(Cold Bud Light) #626

Thanks for the straightforward reply. It sounds like a lot of those monetary goals are hopefully going to be met with the release of the mobile title, without the need to pressure development in the wrong direction.

I’m not sure if you’re still answering questions, but if so - has either CCP or PA considered expanding into the widely popular and extremely profitable pachinko market, ala Konami?

Hope things continue to get better for you and yours! Thank you again for doing this Q&A.

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Took a bit to find it because of the way Discourse doesn’t load the whole thread at once.

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Will there be any shared resources between PA and CCP?

(Cypherous) #630

Right, and what plans are in place should they ever decide they want to step in and do that, i mean, its cool you’re saying they don’t want to, but we all know that your statement is missing the all important “at this time”

What is in place to prevent them from doing this in the future, because as they are now your parent company i would imagine it would be entirely possible to just take over the whole thing at a moments notice and just start demanding changes, THIS is the part we’re worried about

(Kael Decadence) #631

Investors and owners are not the same thing. Having a piece of the pie and owning the bakery are two different things.

(Cj Allyn) #632

Ever will there be a requirement to pay to unlock a ship, skill, structure, or module? That is my biggest fear with PA their game BDO is very very micro transaction intensive and you have to pay to make yourself better.

The thing i think that makes eve so great is the ability to do anything you want aspire to be anything all under your own power. Its a separate world where it doesn’t need my stimulation other than my yearly subscription cost and thats the way it should be!

Thank you for being so helpful with our community and letting us ask these questions as you know many pilots are worried with over a decade of time into the game you can see why players would be concerned. I guess pilots just want a promise that it well never go down that dark dark p2w game. Theres a reason this game is so successful.

(Rocket Hellfire) #633

Goodbye RMT Empires!

Kiss our collective @$$3$ !!

I’m looking at you Alex.

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Well there was the spaceship with boobies in Battle Beyond the Stars, but I digress.

(Lady Puket) #635

What % of the purchase was upfront money and what % was the earnout arrangement?

What are the terms of the earnout arrangement? This is important to know as far as what PA’s incentives will be.

(Wavemistress Moidel) #637

From what i have heard and from answers from CCP during the AMA PA will not be cutting their teeth on Eve. I shall take this on board and revue it on a monthly basis before i re-sub for another 30 days on my accounts. My long term goals have been shelved as much as they can be, until I am certain PA will keep their grubby fingers out of our Unique game. PA are pieces of s*** imo and if they ■■■■ with Eve then all bets are off, I have ten years invested I shall not go quietly i’m sure many of you feel and think the same. So for the moment we support CCP our elected CSM and wait and see, if PA are up to something then it will be self evident in a very short period of time. Fly Safe o7.

(Veetor Nara) #638

This is incredibly great news as I have submitted my application a few days ago :slight_smile: Thank you

(Tuna Fish Promenade) #639

Seconding the fact that these questions should definitely be answered.