Amarr is dead

People cannot jump into or out of Amarr it appears. Seeing lots of people stacking on gates.

Should have bought an Amarr permit.


Nothing seems to work in Amarr regions. No trade/building/market windows.

Also this message (initially it was 5 mins):

Your client has waited 36 minutes for a remote call to complete.
This could mean that the server is very loaded.

Please be patient, chances are that the call will complete eventually but depending on the load it might be considerable time.

Click here to see the remote call debug viewer

I am also in amarr, black screen of death loading in, I click around and it sounds like im docked but no clue.

took me 4 system reboots before I was able to dock up. Warp to a random spot, bookmark it and then use that as your temp safe and try to get docked

Couldn’t log into my character which was stationed in Amarr so this explains a lot haha.

Its simply the new recruitment process for non-consensual workers.

You have been recruited.

See EVE Online Status - Issues with the Amarr solar system for more info.

Id like to officially congratulate Fl33t on the victory over Amarr. glad to see the war is over and Amarr is no more.


It’s a punishment from your god for you Ammarians being sinful, unfaithful and lagging in FW…

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Glad I don’t go into Amarr