Huge lag at gates between regions

On my way between Amarr and Jita, every session change between regions are sometimes 30-60sec. Anyone expecting same problem? This is happening for the last few days.

I couldn’t really find anything. I mean, I did find an old thread where a guy said that he fixed the problem by reinstalling Eve, but that was from a bug with a 9 year old patch. So, I doubt that your issues are being caused by the same thing.

So, first, I would suggest that you file a support ticket so that you can get in line. Then, if you’re desperate, you can try general troubleshooting steps (i.e. verify the integrity of downloaded files, clear the cache, uninstall the game with revo uninstaller and reinstall it).

Oh, and do come back and tell us how you solved it. Might help the next guy with the same issue.

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