Ambassadors to the Community?

The most important focus though is that we want to talk to you guys more, engage with you more, and gather feedback in a more clear and concise way. We also want to do this in a more open, candid and less restrictive environment.

I haven’t seen much of a difference.

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What’s your point?

… except that not all lotteries are forbidden, some seem “more equal” than others.


Do I need another point? What happened to falcon’s promise of, “We also want to do this in a more open, candid and less restrictive environment.”?

And, “In addition to this, we’re looking to shift the role of our volunteer moderators from acting more as enforcers of the rules to being ambassadors to the community who can assist with responses to questions and issues, as well as providing a channel for feedback to CCP on common problems.”

Lotteries are not allowed, your thread was closed. Why bother?

Just posting in a “stealthy way to re-open a locked thread and disguise it as discussion” thread.


Blatant rule violations still get threads closed… What were you hoping for?

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Attention. He pays ergo he’s entitled… that sort of thing, y’know…

It’s a simple discussion. Not the end of the World you make it out to be. Isn’t it possible to have something without jumping to the RMT conclusion right off the bat?

Nobody said rmt? Also lotteries are banned for legal reasons not rmt reasons

You gamble every time you undock according to every pvper that argues anything on this forum.

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Accepting your ship is lost and gambling are not the same thing.

Undocking is a risk.
To knowingly takes risks in hopes of a return/benefit is gambling.

Undocking is gambling.

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Discussing forum moderation is not allowed. Prepare for another locked topic.

Aight, it’s true that the definition of gambling is “take risky action in the hope of a desired result.”

But the way you apply that definition, then every time you leave your house would be a gambling move. There is always a risk of getting hit by a car or struck by a meteor.

I suppose, we all just gambling with the chance of life.

Every time I grab a loot container in Jita (or elsewhere) I take a risk of getting shot in hope I can dock up safely and sell the loot (or use it myself) to further my wealth. I’m a gambling addict I guess. :smirk:

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Yeah good luck with that train of thought.

If you wish to gamble in EvE learn about multiplasmids.

Otherwise its just rmt,

For a game who’s developers constantly boast of risk and embrace all manner of scams and deceit…

There’s a saying about having your cake and eating it to.

Gambling isn’t permitted under the EVE Online EULA, this is why your thread was closed.

This one is being closed because we don’t discuss moderation on the forums.

Please review the rules - there’s an email address there if you want to get in touch with us regarding the conduct of moderators on the forums.


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