Ambitious New Null Sec Industrial Corp looking for ground-level members/partners

Why you should consider joining:

1) unique opportunity

We are a small corp with a well established presence in safe and stable null sec space. We do three moon mining ops each week, there is a market hub two jumps away, and we have access to manufacturing facilities specialized to do any kind of building. In addition, our system has excellent ratting

2) we are looking for partners, not players

We want a small tight-knit corp, not a large unwieldy one. Player count will be capped at 15 (not including alts).

3) growth potential

We have the infrastructure and opportunity to become as big of a regional player as members like. If you have ambition, this is the corp for you.

What we expect from applicants:

1) ambition and commitment

rl > eve. However, we do not play casually. We want to set goals and accomplish them

eve mail CEO for more info

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