Coming soon™

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Good! Go AMD! Down with Intel!

They wrote: “…we are delivering on this promise and enabling AMD FreeSync™ by default, giving you a smoother gaming experience (if you have a supported system), at no additional performance cost…”
My puter is glad there won’t be any additional costs to it :sweat_smile:


Am I the only one that aspires to go the other way? I want CCP to give us an option to cap fps on the client so I can cap at like 10 fps and multibox on a potato.

Ah I see, since theyve increased the price and are ruining the UI the only thing left is to force the last bulk of customers out with tech obsolesence.


Mobile/tablet client is next. :smiley:

I think the purpose of this change is just to make the old client seem a bit more shiny with newer tech. Based on how giant the UI is though it kinds feels like mobile/tablet client is inevitable to try to bring in more casual players.

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Thank you

OK, maybe this is just my lack of understanding of the tech, but I thought VESA Adaptive Sync was entirely handled between the GPU and the Monitor? Exactly what changes have to be made to Eve to support it?

Me who does not have Anything Amd but it makes my game better somehow

The Best thing about EvE = WELL OVER A DECADE ago was that it was… Well… Well before it’s time…

The future holds mobile gaming in it’s sights… EvE has NEVER been a game of close-up Pew…

Let’s see howIT goes.

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