Ammo industry

is ammo industry a good start?

Any industry is a good start so long as you map what you buy at what price, figure out how much it will cost to make and figure out how much profit you will make.

With ammo, if you mine and collect all resources yourself, you will make decent money. You just have to find the right ammo.

You sir need to be slapped with a wet trout. The minerals you mine are not free, you pay for them with your time and they have value on the market. Turning 100k of minerals you mined into 80k of ammo isn’t 80k of profit, you mined 100k and then wasted 20k on industry.

You sir need to learn to read. Maybe go back to 2nd grade.

When did I say it was free?

First off, what did I say at the very beginning of my response? Go ahead, read it. Aloud, to your mother if you don’t understand what it says.

Secondly, its not always feasible or easy for new players to turn 100k of minerals into 100k of profit. Sometimes its easier to reprocess and build, then move the product. Sometimes you will make more, faster, if you don’t have the skills to open several market orders. Sometimes, the buy price is severely lower than the sell price, and 100k on paper only amounts to 80k if sold immediately.

Hence my first paragraph. Again, read it, then take some time to think about what I wrote.

Thirdly I said decent money. Not amazing, or the most.

So, in conclusion, before you slap people in the face with trouts, why don’t you cook the trout instead, have a meal, then think on it, before replying.

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