An Alt character doesn't see the same market items as my main character, what do I do wrong?


This is what is happening. My main account (this one) checks the market in a region for Jackdaws. He finds numerous sell orders spread around the region.

My Alt character does not find the same sell and buy orders in the same region. The characters are not members of the same corp or alliance.

I am sure I have a setting wrong or the Alt charcter lacks certain skills.

However i can not discover what I am doing wrong.

Any help in the right direction is appreciated.

Do you have only available ticked off do you have station selected instead of region there is an option box top right of that little box

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Thank you for your reply. I have “region” selected in the option box and “available only” off.

Not sure then, It may coincide with the problems we still get with local chat maybe they are using the same type of method’s for receiving data?

It could be that your alt is not allowed to dock in some of the structures in which the “invisible” orders are. Orders in citadels that you cannot dock in aren’t shown in the market window.

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Aha. That could be it and makes sense. This I didn’t know. Thank you for helping out.

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