Can't trade multiple items between characters

I am having an issue where I am unable to trade more than 1 item between my characters. I have a character that is in faction war and in a station that has been flipped to the enemy. I wanted to trade my items from the faction war character to another character that is not in faction war. I can open a trade window and move items to it. But, in the character I am transferring to, I can only see 1 item. If I click accept trade on both characters, the trade fails with a message that the items have changed and the trade can’t be completed.

Is anyone else having this issue? I am not sure if it is somehow related to faction war.

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im having the exact same issue.

I filed a petition yesterday but haven’t gotten a response yet

i tried clearing cache, verifying local files, disabled the photon UI, dunno what else to do.

I hope it will be today or tomorrow for a fix. Surprised a bug like this wasn’t addressed more quickly.

It’s not just related to FW as I’ve been having that issue too between my pirate and high sec logistical alt, a quick work around is to get a station container or other large cargohold and put it all in that, then you can transfer everything in one go.

The other way I have found round it is to change the view, ie change to grid, then they all show and you can complete the trade.