An arrest warrant for pilot Miran Tereven

Sure, I wasn’t born into privilege by any means but I worked hard to earn it – and in so doing I’ll enjoy it. That’s just the way the Federation. Someone has to pay the price for all the luxuries status and wealth affords. I know first hand that behind the glittering lights of the Alpha megalopolises and their rhetoric of exceptionalism and the near post-scarcity of carefree lives other people have to pay the price so that those people can afford to do so. That billions must toil in the ignominy of sweatshops and factories in abject poverty under the heel of corrupt oligarchs and venal corporations for the fast fashions of Caille and others like it.

That’s capitalism for you. I lived life at the bottom and I refuse to live there again, so yes, I’ll enjoy my current privilege even as I’m cognizant of the cost I have to pay for it.

I’ll never say I’m a good person knowing what I’ve done but I think that makes me uniquely qualified as a capsuleer where there’s little need for heroes.

It doesn’t. You want to find terrible people who’ve made billions by being terrible and exploiting every advantage they could get? Walk into any group of eggers and pick four people at random. I promise, you’ll have at least 3 perfect candidates among them.

You’re about as ‘uniquely qualified as a capsuleer’ as an individual earthworm is ‘uniquely qualified to eat dirt’.

And frankly, there’s probably more need for decent people among the capsuleer class than anywhere else, just because 99.999%+ of it is already worthless trash.

But then, that whole post is just a bruised ego not liking getting called out on its crap, so none of this is going to get through to you.

No, I can’t say my ego was bruised nor was I offended in any way. I wasn’t trying to defend my choices, if anything I was agreeing with you.

I do hope there come to be more decent people in the cluster, maybe then there might be hope for change to a better cluster. Saying that I also accept I won’t be the one to realize that.

You have just perfectly shown everyone that you are incapable of reason, and that’s why the force resolution is the only viable outcome.

Well, maybe putting you into a mental clinic can be considered an alternative, but I don’t know if any State facility of that kind would agree to hold a capsuleer.

Oh, let me guess. Tereven posted something that was factual re: Heth, and Kim got her regulation-issue panties in a twist because it didn’t align with her Heth idolatry?


You guessed wrong as usual, but I guess it doesn’t stop you from spilling your sick deluded imagination to public, after all you ARE known to literaly everyone now as a dishonorable coward and a liar.

Please vacate the thread, it is CALDARI BUSINESS (which means - it’s not YOURS).

Still waiting on that explanation of whose authority this dingus is issued under.

Under the authority of Delusional Mercenary StaPro Contractor #246573731.

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I’d recommend the readers to ignore posters like Arrendis and Sevrailan in this thread, it’s quite obvious they are liars who aren’t contributing anything to discussion except spilling out their hatred and detached from reality delusions.

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