An arrest warrant for pilot Miran Tereven

Pilot Miran Tereven was accused in spreading obviously factually false information for defamatory reasons against capsuleer State military forces and personnel.

Date of infringement: 15.05.YC124.

Pilot Miran Tereven has failed to follow cease and desist demands.

Pilot Miran Tereven has failed to take amends for her actions.

Pilot Miran Tereven was presented with official allegation notice 26.05.YC124.

In 9 month time Miran Tereven has failed to alleviate the documented accusations against her by either diplomatic or legal resolution.

By this warrant, Miran Tereven will be WANTED as a suspect in criminal acts of: slander and libel, defamation of military personnel related with execution of their duty.

Due to capsuleer status of the pilot and CONCORD’s inability of reliable resolving criminal capsule pilot behavior (official CONCORD suspect status is given only for 15 minutes), the treatment of suspect Miran Tereven is to be executed disregarding CONCORD jurisdiction and by other capsule pilots.

Pilot Miran Tereven is to be arrested and delivered to disciplinary hearing for behavior that dishonors Uniform she wears and for court-martial for the crimes she has allegedly committed. Use of lethal force on resistance is acceptable.

On the basis that capsule ships are undoubtedly machines built for violence, any ship that Pilot Miran Tereven undocks shall be considered as hostile, armed and dangerous and to be shot down without further warning. Pilot Miran Tereven is recommended to avoid undocking in a capsule operating ship disregarding of its purpose until her legal status is cleaned. Undocking in a bare capsule will be considered as a cowardly attempt at escaping the justice.

Further information will be released on a need to know basis.
Questions shall be directed to the neocom mail.

This warrant becomes active 9 months since the allegation notice, 26.02.YC125.
Issuing officer: D. Kim, Strike Cmdr. 24.02.YC125.

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Whose authority is this issued under ?

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As is customary:




Welcome to the club Tereven-haani. You’ll eventually get used to these tantrums as the years go on. It will soon be like picking up the news report and looking at the comedy section.


Alternatively, just use the ‘ignore’ function GalNet’s got.

Learn your place, pathetic traitor. You are not Caldari enough to have any say in this affair.

However, thanks for reminding me of your existence. I shall dedicate some of my time to hunt down such disgraces like you.

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Seriously, just ignore her. She has no actual authority and can’t really do anything. Block her feed like so many of us have, and she effectively ceases to exist.


You’re behaving like a petulant child.
Posting in threads unrelated graphical snippets is unbecoming of an officer.

The call for using lethal force on allegedly commited crimes. So not yet proven, but already found guilty.

What is the Legal Basis for this purported Warrant ?

I was Under the Impression that only CONCORD Laws and Regulations applied to Capsuleers, and the Text of the Warrant states that it would be in Defiance of CONCORD Laws and Regulations.

Which would Mean anyone Attempting to execute the Warrant would Become an Interstellar Criminal ?

This seems Somewhat Unworkable.

Seeking to deny free spech through litigiousness over a fragile ego is just another reason why the Caldari State must be destroyed.

Do I really need to spell out difference between pronounced guilty and suspected?

Though as a witness and knowing how much evidences there are against her, I am ready to bet on her loss in a court of law, it’s practically guaranteed. I am believe she realized that as well, which can explain her cowardice and avoidance of facing the fair judgement, and it looks like she simply lacks honor to answer for what she has done. Otherwise… well, she had 9 months for that. There is simply no excuse for that.

“Ego”? Are you trying to kill me by laugh?

You didn’t even manage to check first what are you talking about before jumping in, did you?

Where exactly did you take that “ego” part? From inflamed by hatred to Caldari gallentean imagination?

So what was purpose of such clownery? Are you trying to represent yourself as a fool in front of everyone to steal Arrendis’ crown of stupidity?

I don’t hate the Caldari, I find them to be valued fellow partners and citizens of the Federation.

I do think that within every person in the State who have co-opted the name of Caldari and now languish beneath the oppression of their corporate overlords is a Gallentean just crying out to be freed.

Please stop saying stupid things. You only make her look less insane by comparison.

The Gallente lost any right to call the Caldari corporate leadership ‘oppressive’ when they starved a goddamned planet to try to force their submission.


Cease writing to me. After you openly made up inexisting stuff and showed your ignorance (like that ego stuff I pointed above) it’s pretty much obvious you aren’t a friend with reality.

Since you’re unable to argue in objective terms, better talk with someone like Arrendis, away from my topics… or any other rational discussion. Asylum would be the best place for you. Both of you.

As a Federal Patriot it really cannot be helped – I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Hate the Caldari
Hate the Intaki (not racist I just don’t like 'em)
Love Freedom
Love Blaque
Love the Prez
Simple as

Life’s good as a Solitude geezer.

Sounds like what you love isn’t freedom, it’s privilege. Loving freedom—the principles of self-agency applied equally across society, because you are only as protected as the least-protected member of society—means abandoning hate. Hate insists you get to trample the rights of others, that others deserve, by virtue only of their mere other-ness, to be treated worse than you.

What you love is privilege. Basically, you’d be fine in the Empire… as long as you get to be True Amarr.

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