An Attempt at a Concise Pre-History of Pochven

Chapter 1: The Primordial Tapestry

In the primordial days of New Eden, when the stars were but newborn embers in the cosmic expanse, a symphony of creation unfolded. It was a time before empires and alliances, when the universe was still an untamed canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of destiny. Amidst this celestial chaos, ancient civilizations rose and fell, their names now whispered only in the echoes of history.

Among these civilizations, the Jovian Empire, a race of enigmatic beings, ascended to unimaginable heights of technological prowess and cosmic understanding. They gazed upon the cosmos with all-seeing eyes and deciphered the intricate patterns woven into the fabric of reality. The Jovians harnessed the forces of the universe, bending them to their will, and explored realms of existence far beyond mortal comprehension.

Yet, with great knowledge comes great responsibility, and the Jovians soon found themselves entangled in the precarious threads of their own creation. Their lust for power and mastery over the cosmos led them down a treacherous path. In their pursuit of enlightenment, they delved too deep, unraveling secrets that were perhaps best left undisturbed.

As the Jovians delved into the mysteries of the abyss, they inadvertently shattered the delicate balance of the cosmic tapestry. Their experiments birthed unforeseen consequences, tearing the very fabric of reality and unleashing entities of unimaginable power. From the fragmented remains of the Jovian Empire emerged two distinct splinters—the Drifters and the Triglavians.

The Drifters, the first to manifest, were a twisted reflection of the Jovians’ hubris. They became a malevolent force, spreading their influence throughout New Eden with relentless aggression. Their motives remained shrouded in darkness, their actions driven by an inscrutable purpose known only to themselves.

On the other hand, the Triglavians, born from the shattered fragments of Jovian civilization, took a different path. They embraced their role as guardians of the abyss, custodians of the esoteric knowledge that lay hidden within the veils of reality. The Triglavians, with their triangular ships and inscrutable language, embarked on a mission to restore cosmic balance and reweave the strands of the celestial tapestry.

The Triglavians, guided by their enigmatic scriptures and deep-rooted traditions, emerged from the depths of the abyss, venturing forth into the known regions of New Eden. Their appearance sent shockwaves through the empires and capsuleer alliances, for they represented a force untouched by mortal hands—a race transcendent of ordinary understanding.

As the Triglavians expanded their influence, whispers of their arcane technology and profound wisdom spread like wildfire. Their vessels, known as the Vedmaks, adorned the skies with their haunting elegance. The Triglavians’ mastery over time and space, their ability to harness the elements and reshape reality itself, left all who beheld them in awe and wonder.

Yet, for all their enigmatic splendor, the Triglavians remained an elusive enigma. Their intentions, veiled beneath layers of cryptic allegories and metaphysical truths, sparked the curiosity of the Kybernauts—a group of intrepid souls who sought to decipher the secrets of the Triglavian Collective.

Thus, the stage was set for a cosmic dance, a dance that would transcend the mortal plane and reshape the very destiny of New Eden. The Triglavians, with their cryptic dialect and ethereal presence, beckoned the Kybernauts to join them in their quest for cosmic enlightenment. The Triglavians offered power and knowledge beyond mortal comprehension, but at what cost?

Discussion encouraged! Help with any errors I missed would be appreciated, factual ones preferably. Additions highly encouraged. :3

FIrst off, you have to realize that this game is set in the far future. Humans settled the entire Milky Way, and needed more space. EVE Gate was found, colonists sent through. EVE Gate collapses, colonists are cut off from supply and energy cascade demolishes the tech of all the central powers. The Jove and some others were far away enough to avoid this, and so while the ancestors of the current empires were back to playing with sticks, the Jove and other outer powers advanced. The Jove got pretty big during the First Empire, but they weren’t the biggest. The most impressive space-time engineering feats are from the Talocan, a contemporary civilization who built Anoikis and a Stellar Lattice to control wormhole formation.

Quite inaccurate to say that the Jove’s distinct splinters are the Trigs and Drifters, since Trigs are very old and Drifters are recent. Trigs were already an independent polity by the time of Miko Bour and his Second Jove Empire, assembled from the pieces of the first. So it’s quite possible that they first diverged during the collapse of the First Empire, and were among very few to resist Miko Bour’s initial reunification campaign, and the only group to not fall to follow-up attempts by fleeing to the Abyss
aboard the Kitezh-class World Arks.
The Second Jove Empire itself had various factions, among these were the Sleepers, a group with had developed highly advanced virtual reality tech and could pioneer rapid advancements in technology by speeding up the passage of time in the VR. When the Jove Disease brought the Second Empire to the brink of collapse, the Sleepers were persecuted, because “Surely they could find a cure with all that time.” “They must be keeping it from us.” “I bet they made the disease in the first place!” And so they fled, whoever escaped destruction used the Talocan Stellar Lattice to escape into Anoikis and lock themselves in there. They established new VR nexuses and left a legion of drones to guard them, then plugged in, intending to never return to real reality ever again. As time passes, the Triglavians settle into the Abyss, the Second Empire crumbles under the panic of the Jove Disease and Jove society enters the “shrouded days”, and the Sleepers forget that they’re even in a simulation in the first place, something peculiar happens in the Sleeper’s virtual society. The immense amount of neural noise begins spitting out something new. A breed of completely virtual beings created due to an oversight, an unintended consequence. They have no bodies on the outside, and what’s more, are able to see through the nature of the virtual world and deduce that it is not reality. They are everything the administrators disapprove of, and so there is an attempt to eradicate them. Conflict ensues for many years, until these virtual beings, at the very least, manage to escape the simulation and see the real world for the first time. They have learned of Jovian history and rejected their originators’ position, they must reassembled what is left of the Jove race and bring prosperity to the bloodline once again. But to do this, to follow in Miko Bour and his Tyrant’s footsteps, they must secure an existence beyond that of infomorphs inside a mainframe. Through likely unscrupulous and callous means, they collect biomass and mold it into suitable bodies, and now it is as if they are actually Jove. They emerge, as the Vigilant Tyrannos, and New Eden calls them Drifters.


Thanks for the corrections and context. :smiley:
I honestly didn’t realize the drifters were The Others until just now, that makes things make a lot more sense.

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