An Easy Choice

Today my account slipped into Alpha and it was an easy choice to not renew.

Since the changes to High Sec since i started it is very hard to play Eve and make any serious isk (100M per day or more) or even engage in serious fleets any more. While I have only played for about a year I can tell that Eve is take some very bad turns and I can not support CCP any longer.

High Sec loses as many ship per day as Null Sec but they are cheaper ships. The rewards in High Sec don’t allow High Sec players to replace them quickly or easily.

Since Null Sec is teaming up with the High/Low Sec pirate alliances to carve up High Sec and to control most of the ice systems. This will give Null Sec a monopoly or a near monopoly on ice and tech II moon goo also. Let’s not forget that Null Sec wants to blow up every player owned station that has a market, so they can generate billions if not trillions off of High Sec players’ taxes.

Since these changes are coming there is no where for small corps and solo players in New Eden. Another customer gone!

P.S. No you can not have my stuff.


Have you considered joining a player group?

What changes to hisec removed your ability to make isk? An actual example would be nice instead of fear mongering.

I am bemused, they just released these emerging conduits, I had two characters working together, each got 4.5m when the site was completed, plus DED LP and a load of loot. I played for about two hours, maybe a bit more and I made 64m in ISK, I got 88m in Trig Survey databases and about 100m in salvage and loot. 100% in hisec. Seriously…

That site I just ran had 5.6m of salvage in it, but 126 Trig survey databases which is 12.6m plus 9m. But it is good solo small group ISK.

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Yeah, those Invasions sites looks like good ISK wand content for highsec players…

Why do they still whine ? :3

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Because the incursion sites were nerfed after invasions arrived. And there is now only one spawning in hisec at any one point in time, I am assuming that this is an incursion runner, but I am not sure why he does not adapt to the new invasions, which are far more fun than the incursions. The OP will have to explain more about what his beef really is, but from where I am sitting the ISK and fun from Trig sites work for me.

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Goodbye and good riddance, summer child.

The solution was simple: Join a corp, fly a Procurer or Skiff with a tank, and stop chasing ISK as your goal in EVE. But no, just blame CCP improving the game instead.


can i have your stuff?


total and utter nonsense.

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You are against anything and anybody that criticizes and contradicts CCP right?


OP claims there is no place for small corps and solo players in New Eden, no place for them in the whole galaxy, that’s nonsense.

If i’m against anything it’s lame excuses, lazy game play, people feeling they are intitled to everything now! and if CCP makes any changes i’m quiting.
Not an ounce of effort to adapt to change, i’ve had 14 years of change and it’s never easy but a welcome challange, it’s a shame others don’t see it that way.


I would like to test this statement. Please name a specific high sec ice system controlled by a null alliance. I will mine there tonight in my Procurer- and I would LOVE to see them or anyone else try to stop me.



I agree with @xxxTRUSTxxx. There are plenty of places in New Eden where smaller entities can set up their home.


Well…you’re right in that…but i can also understand voices that state “i paid a full price so i want to be able to experience the WHOLE game without beeing interfiered by people who only want killmails”

And sry, but this opinion is as valid as “eve is a PVP game” ime…

And yes …i KNOW those are opposite approaches to the game and they exclude each other,but they are nethertheless both valid and calling the other opinion “stupid” and the stater “troll” is unpolite at best…


Because they take a bit of brain effort and effort in general. All the ones whining (both about the Trigs as Blackout) are the lazy, non-effort zero-interaction players the game has accumulated over time.

The zombies, the alt armies, the AFKers. You know, the players who add nothing to the game but log in numbers and a terrible economy. And they try to make it sound as if we’ll miss them.



At least as it is about the trigs…

This is ENDCONTENT bothering noobs in noob systems,at least around them(career agent systems),and if nothing else is than THIS is a no-go in a game that desperately needs new players and scares away 96% of all new players with crap like that…


Meant to post this as a comment not a reply to another comment:

They should just secure high sec by making all concord/police/faction drones target and destroy any ships that scan other players in high sec or loot restricted cargo.

If you even target another player in high sec the drones should automatically yellow box you and engage the moment the gankers shoot.

All warfare should be eliminated from high sec and also be punished by concord.

This will make high sec safe and alternatively make lowsec and null dangerous again as it will give a reason for people to leave high sec for content.

Players who consistently show violent criminal behavior in high security space should have their clone permanently banned from high sec until they pay huge fines for the damage they do on top of earning back their standings.

Best solution to save this game honestly. Listening CCP? Do it, you know I am right.

P.S let’s get those filthy citadels out of high security space, they should be forced to use NPC stations in high sec and pay the extra fees and actually have to work on their standings within those empires.


This is why the changes to null are such a breath of fresh air. If that candy land can be made so that the risk equals the massive rewards, then the rewards for ever where else will increase.


No they don’t…"eve is a pvp game everywhere " is the holy cow for the bittervets and CCP doing something against the will of the bittervets?

Come on…