An Idea for a new game mechanic, "System 'Renta'Cops"

This Post was originally posted in the wrong Section of the forum and has now been moved by ISD to the correct one, The Idea was originally not well received and to a degree I now understand why, But it would seem it is not absolutely dead, but clearly needs a rethink and amending.

Thank you to all that have contributed thus far, I will think on things and add to the thread as ideas are reformulated.

**** Left in situ for historic continuity****

**** After many well made points and further consideration, I now consider this a Mooted Point and therefore retract the idea, I seem to not have the ability to delete the post, so I am marking it thus and retracting the idea, Thank you to those that contributed****

Reading further is only for the curious

This idea is admittedly half baked and the response to a ganking incident, Its not whining, its simply the result of a discussion and the formulation of a base idea that grew from a discussion in local.

Basically consider this, what if it was possible for a Player or Players in a system to pay an NPC Security Force for temporary enhancement to the system security level.

Using an incremental pay scale to incremental increases to the security level for a period of time.
This would be achieved by a faster response time and a larger reaction force based on the level of payment, In addition to Concord reactions in systems’ with Concord cover.

Somewhat similar to the private policing system used in San Francisco, Cali. USA. The Patrol Specials [San Francisco Patrol Special Police - Wikipedia}

I deliberately avoided it being a change to Concord by having them enhanced for lore reasons, Concord is a policing force and while stretched further and further the lower and lower you go Sec wise, Are a Policing force, paid for by taxes and expected to give equal levels of service without demand for payment.

So a NPC Private security force would be needed and Capitalism in its rawest form would kick in, as in you want security while in your system. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Another possible feature would be that the Private Security Corp (Or Corps what the heck) could have a Mission Agent system that simply offers players a “Shift” on a systems Security Patrol (Or CAP (Combat Air Patrol)). The Shift payment being based on the level of enhanced security currently paid for.,As a feature of this Shift it would make the player effectively deputised and thus avoiding “Kill Rights” against them if they defeat a “Criminal” in pursuit of their duty while on “Shift”.

Another fun idea would be that the ACUTAL Current security level would only be known to those that had paid for it… Welcome to the risk, Criminals, did those miners pay their Cop Rental or not, Fire and find out.

Thank you for reading.

Fly Safe or Dangerous, whatever your bag is :smiley:

There’s two issues here.

  1. You can already do this by hiring mercenaries to protect you, no problem. By allowing NPCs to do this, you remove their ability to earn isk through their playstyle

  2. The reason no-one ever hired mercs to protect them from ganking is that the isk required to do so is far higher than what you are earning in space that requires that protection.

In short: the idea sucks, git gud son.

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EVE is a player driven game with player driven content. Why not talk to, team up with (and possibly pay) actual players to help you secure your assets? This already exists but it does take interacting with other people, I know that’s super scary and horrible but it might just work.


As is you opinion and I thank you for it, its all about discussion at the end of the day.

Thank you for that, Yes what you say is the best case scenario, which I wish I saw in action.

Please could you explain your phrase “git gud son”, I have never encountered it before.

EDIT… I looked it up, so no worries. for the record I am a perpetual EvE carebare noob , but having played since 2006 (Admittedly with breaks) I aint no Newbee.

The wonderful things about suggestions is the can be taken or left, people can agree or disagree, and contrary to popular attitudes all that can be done without personal digs.

pay someone to keep an eye on local, while they’re in a blackbird. Almost any low sp character can do this as it takes just a few days to train tops. If known gankers or outlaws enter system you can warp out or if they attack then can be jammed, lowering the chance of a successful gank or at the very least increase cost/complexity of that gank meaning they will most likely go for a different/easier target.

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That was a little cheeky of me. Git gud is gamerz slang for get good.

In this context, it means if you apply your knowledge of Eve mechanics correctly, there should be little to no chance of getting ganked in the first place, so the whole mechanic you propose is superfluous.

As others have said, keeping an eye on local for spikes, setting known ganking alliances to red in standings, getting some friends (or alts) to hang around in blackbirds, or logi ships, or other options available (pulling concord etc) all make paying isk to NPCs for protection a dubious proposition at best, and detrimental to the game at worst.

All very good points and well taken, I appreciate what people are saying and ultimately I agree with all the advice. I merely brought forth an idea and threw it out there.

Do I think its a solution to all things, Heck No. Do I think its fully Formed, Kind of wouldn’t have called it half baked at the beginning if I did.

Its Options, discussions and I suppose to a degree to get some folks thinking about that rare and flighty beast in eve, community co op.

No Harm no foul Oskar, Fly Safe.

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Considering the endless difficulty San Fran has with “excess fecal matter dispersion” through the city streets, perhaps a Stasi style police force that can’t keep homeless from shitting up the place, isn’t the best example.
:rofl: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That being said. As you said yourself “Capitalism kicks in” where there’s a demand, there’s a service provider. There are mercenaries for that always willing to take up a contract.

For example… If you’re a High Sec group but have trouble with “locals”, there’s mercs for that. Ganker trouble? Mercs for that.

Having an NPC security force beyond Concord or faction police would be more hand-holding and less sandbox.

If there was a way for this to be -player- managed, that could be interesting, but could just as easily be taken advantage of.


Do the job yourself or dont do it , and if you do not do the job…then stop whining or uninstall

Thank you, not having the knowledge you have on the San Fran situation I bow to you opinion on that it may not be the best example.

The Player run comment was a consideration initially but I didnt have the orbs to suggest it, yes that would be interesting.

Fly Safe

Ok Ok you are a firm NO, thats cool, But as stated it was not whining, it was a idea, I wanted to guage opinions and I have been gifted with them.

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whether its you or someone else…

This idea is advocating for the:

Removal of a player playstyle
Addition of NPC pets, and in a way since they are meant to kill players a pay-to-win method.

All because someone got


It is indeed whining.

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Again I argue it is not whining, there is a thing called context and I decided to open with context, perhaps I should expand, I was not Ganked, the discussion took place many hours after “The Ganking Incident”, You know long enough for people to calm and think and talk. A discussion was had and an idea was half baked and I got curious so I posted it.

Good people posted their thought out negative opinions, including points I hadn’t considered, especially yourself. Thank you for that.

I wanted opinions , I got them.

Fly Safe

Ganking is, has always been, and always will be, a part of the game.

The age old Axiom goes like this.
“You consent to PVP when you undock”

It’s good to hear HS players having discussion in local about their “ganking problem”. However, evasion is typically the best course of action. Second to that, I would encourage you to cooperate with friendly locals on intel.

Intel wins wars. If you know they’re coming soon enough, you can react before it’s too late.

The argument could be made that docking up is lost time/isk, which is true. Ask yourself what cost more, staying docked until gankers are gone, or paying someone to deal with them. Sometimes, even paying the gankers can be cheaper than option A and B.

But that’s for you to decide what is best for your operational security.

The beautiful thing about EVE is that there’s no set way to handle any specific situation. Utilize the tools available, gain as much intel as you can, make decisions, and take action.


Well Said, Ultimately totally true.

I suppose for clarity, my initial thinking was not what some here have suspected, I accept PvP as a core of the game, I freely admit I am both afraid of and really bad at PvP and a consummate Rabbiter.
Choose to believe me or not, my thinking was in no way to deny PvP but to make it possibly more interesting and challenging.

I do take all the points as worth of consideration and I came here with this to get them, not every idea is a good one, but while in the vacuum and shadow you dont see the chinks in them.

Fly Safe.

Well, therein lies two modes of thought when it comes to PvP in the game.

Mode 1: Be very careful, thorough, and resourceful when choosing when to engage or when to deny.

Mode 2: Feed, Feed, Feed moar, moar feed, you’re not feeding enough, FEED FEED FEED.

Personally I think option 2 is an absolutely stupid methodology, It’s too brute force, it takes very little skill past “Can you undock this AND press F1”. Any monkey can faceroll the keyboard and eventually hit the undock button -AND- F1 in the proper sequence.

Mode 1 Is by far the most challenging and most rewarding. Be smarter than you enemy. Dictate the engagement conditions.


Raising the security level lowers the pay mission runners in that system receive. Mission runners should get a change to lower sec status to counter the miners raising it.

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Don’t view the basis of your idea on what a few prejudiced posters wrote. My advice is to revise the idea a bit, maybe something like faster Concord response time based on character security level…

Most importantly, post it in the correct sub-forum, such as Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums