I have been thinking about WIS

Ok I know a lot of people think WIS (Walking in stations ) is Pointless to Game play. Which I totally disagree with As I have stated many times, But i Just thought of a few Scenerios where WIS could add a complete new level of game play. You know when you are ganked and the gankers wait out there timer then dock, (And you have kill rights that you never get to use because they stay docked or log off untill you either leave or get bored and take the loss.) then rinse and repeat. Well what about actually making a way to have the ability to either hunt them and kill them in station. or at least to force them to undock, (due to you calling the police after you have tracked them down in station) . this would open up endless game play options. and make ganking repercussions more like real life.

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This (Simpsons one i like) imagine chasing the offender and forcing the Guy that ganked you into a airlock. where he was stuck and you got to space him. Now who would not like that as a payback. Watching that frozen corpse drift in to space. :slight_smile:

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See, then the gankee would just get ganked again in the station as the ganker is already aware of the process and has the ability to multibox in the WiS FPS too.

Not So Sure, If All the people Are wanted, Then the (Wanted) ganker/ Gankers are seen, or found , then Concord police, should shoot them on site. That would be the logical way to go. If Concord cant find them in station, and you manage to identify them, then The police, should fullfill there duty.

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Kill 'em all let Bob sort 'em out.

I suspect you’d get more people ganking in stations, than you’d get people enacting retribution for ganking in space with your proposal.

That said, I’m hoping the shooter will be more akin to destiny than it is to cod… (even if the initial gameplay is merely a cod clone.) If so, that will finally give us the ability to walk around in stations and planets like a normal mmo.

Awesome idea, I propose the FPS portion is PlayStation Exclusive.

So you want CCP to essentially create a new game that is completely different from EVE.

Interior Space station environments (not space)
First Person movement running around (no flying spaceships)
First person combat, i am asuming you want weapons and shooting gameplay (again completely different from spaceships)

Whats your idea for funding of this? Will CCP (who is a games company trying to generate proffit) be providing this to Eve players for free?
Or will it be a paid for expansion? (which wont work because the gankers just wont buy it so you cant hunt them)

CCP is already making a shooter.

cough … cough… Dust… came and went… why would they do it again

You misunderstand… they already ARE doing it. CCP’s London office is heading it up. It’s not a question of whys, it’s already happening.

Some people have suggested we might hear news about it this fall. That’s just rumor of course… but there’s some evidence to back it up.

Well then - hope it fares better than project legion and project nova.

Maybe they learned that making an add-on for an exclusively PC audience probably shouldn’t be a Playstation exclusive. Maybe.

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How is this different from eve ?, Its another Immersive aspect within eve. Eve was never meant to be just Ships in space . (CCP’s Plan for Eve was a living breathing universe) They just never followed through with that plan for some bizzare reason. And im not saying make a game like dust, Im saying Use what we have in Eve atm, IE Stations, and flesh them out as a new part of gameplay. I mean The whole New FPS Shooter is a non starter. To stop people ganking people in stations, Simple, Stop all firearms in stations. Turn it in to a hunting for perp, then the police take it from there. I mean with little thought, you could bring in to play, Clothes for disguises, Bribes to other players or NPC,s . I mean the whole Wanted system never worked, but if you did this in a station enviroment, it would be contained untill the perp left, so could not be abused.

When the Perp is caught. (This would make Kill rights worth the Time), You have the choice, as the ganked person, to either,
1: Fight him one on one, (In a ship class of your choice at a set time and Place), “For the PVP’er”
2: Let him go (If you dont want to fight) “For the Pacifist”
3: Or Keep your Kill rights and Sell them on. “For the Busy Person”

If No 1: is chosen and he does not turn up, Simple, He payes for your Losses fully.

This Idea would need to be fleshed out, but its viable.

I am not saying its different from the Eve universe, i am saying from a game development perspective its entierly different gameplay types. So essentially you are developong/coding a new game.

We have the outside of a station. We do not have all the enteriors that are required for WIS. So again, massive amounts of game development needed.

Again, NONE of this is in game, its ground-up entirerly new game development needed here.

My question still stands: How do you propose CCP fund all this, where is the money coming from.

As said in another topic: If I can kill anyone docked at that station with a shotgun, from behind, I am all for it. I would even accept a sec-loss, forceful get podded and a 15min criminal timer for it. :).

I would expect WIS would likely work the way normal EVE stuff would work. Captain’s Quarters / ship hanger would likely take the position of the safe space stations currently are.

The majority of the station, where all the main station services are, would follow highsec rules. Then you’d get some areas (like where the black market would be located) abiding by low and maybe even nullsec rules. Perhaps different corporations would operate differently. Navy stations, being extremely high security wouldn’t have any low or nullsec areas, where as thucker or pirate stations would have a majority of their stuff be low and null sec.