An idea to Curb Cyno Force Projection

Yeah, the whole idea is to add fuel requirements to cynos. A lot of your arguments seem to ignore it due to lore.

It didn’t make sense in the lore when they introduced jump fatigue as we never had it before, but it happened anyways. Same thing with Citadel’s and the regression of indestructible stations. Lore changes as game mechanics evolve. If everything fit the mold CCP set back in 2003 the game would never get better.

The only thing I’ll really respond too is the hypothetical as this actually adds value to the conversation.

Right, so let’s look at mechanics that would be comparable. Bumping, smaller ships can keep capitals bumped indefinitely. Tackle, smaller ships can tackle capitals. Why shouldn’t a smaller ship be able to do this? In my mind this forces you to bring something that can deal with this situation which is not a bad thing. If you kill the ship, you can light your cyno. Don’t want any cynos on grid, bring and anchor the inhib. I introduce the radial effect to stop people from circumventing the new proposed mechamics. For example bringing 50 frigates and lighting 50 cynos to bring in 50 ships is a slightly better version of the problem, but should be limited. If you make the 50 ships for need space between each other, say the radius was 10km, you’d have a 500km^3 area where the cynos would have to be spread out in 3d space. I think this is healthy, you can avoid it by bringing a proper ship to light the cyno that can manage the fuel requirements.

Also, this will let more ratting capitals die. Probably a few more rorquals as well. I like the ability it gives you to control the grid. Want to avoid this as well? Park a cloaked ship 100km off grid to garunteed your ability to light a cyno.

I like those changes, they add some small yet reasonable complexity to a broken mechanic that allows for more sandbox gameplay. Which is always a good thing.

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